Protective Mask Ffp2 Filtration Ffp2 Mask GM

10PCS PM2.5 KN95 Face Respirator KN95 Safety 95% Respirator Anti Dust Mask Protective Mask ffp2 Filtration ffp2 Mask GM

Product Details

10PC KN95 FFP2 face mask dust respirator face mask N95 face mask anti-fog anti-flu quick delivery from stock Inventory is sufficient, if you need to buy in bulk, please contact customer service. Description: Category: KN95 mask Color: white Quantity: 5 PCS In terms of protection, FFP3>FFP2≈N95= KN95 = DS2> KF94> KN90> FFP1 Prevent droplets from spreading, prevent pollution, prevent dust, prevent bacteria and prevent PM2.5 Filter PM2.5, bacteria, bacteria and harmful substances in the air to protect your health!