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7 essential outdoor gear girl girls outdoor sport needs outdoor gear

Jan 07, 2016

A, scarf
Hiking in the Woods, spider webs are common, let it tangle hair, some uncomfortable, scarf out of sight, pictures do not touch the frame can also dispense with the sweat. A piece of cloth, towel or scarf can be made, and can also be embedded in the decoration on the wrist, when necessary, the cold. Now the hijab styles on the market use complex, mm in its head not only convenient and practical, and stylish. For example, black
Yak Hat headband, further increasing shading effects; and now the popular buff headscarves, style is said to have more than 100 types, tie or go the way of dozens of kinds of outdoor fashion-loving you, has a few scarves, "study" has some tie scarves out of it?
Second, outdoor sunglasses
Resist ultraviolet rays, dress fashions, are two large use of sunglasses for outdoor mm.
Buy sunglasses lens care must be taken:
1, the best selection of security (not brittle) plastic lenses, just in case of accidents when debris pierced the eyes and face.
2, pay attention to the disparity and difference. High quality sunglasses can cast light not only weakened, can keep the neutral light does not cause disparity and chromatic aberration. Inferior sunglasses to wear a watch during the period after the object is distorted or deformed, that the road situation judgment errors. Color difference when more confusing traffic light and pose a threat to traffic safety.
3 color and should not be too deep. Lens color is too deep will seriously affect the visibility of eyes due to effort vulnerable to injury and cannot play a role in protecting the eyes. Therefore, the criteria for selecting sunglasses in gray and green for the best so that not only protects against ultraviolet radiation, and visual clarity of the best perspective outside the color changes also the smallest.
Third, trekking poles
Have a sister called trekking poles "bludgeon" actually very image. Zhang shook hands, not only can walking help, if necessary, to cast wild dogs, monopod, open grass. Let us know the correct use trekking poles. Trekking poles can make outdoor climbing through activities bring many benefits, such as improving the stability of walking, reduce the burden on the legs; according to the study, walking trekking poles can reduce the cost at least 22% give the leg and knee muscle and joint strength, make legs feel more comfortable! while at the same time using two trekking poles to provide a better balance. Don't forget the trunk could not be found, it can also be built with a waterproof cloth canopy support bars.
Four, sealing bags
Many outdoor manufacturers are producing special stuffing, size specifications. When encountered bad weather, mobile phone, GPS, MP3, batteries, digital camera and other moist objects had sealed bags were sealed up and nothing to worry about. Replace dirty clothes, socks and underwear with it, sealed to the odor-free. Of course, it also has other effects such as temporary protection of plant and animal specimens, when unexpected stored water.
Five, swimwear
Bathing suit would not have presented, although it's not too widely used, but can have a flow of hiking destinations swimming pool is free, is one of many mm hope of pleasant things.
Six, headlights
The pitch-dark night, headlights light helps mm security. While many people think, except in outdoor use, headlights are also available as standing items at home to cope with power outages, reading in bed, or a bathroom in the middle of it.