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Anaerobic intermittent fitness method helps you fast fat loss

Jan 07, 2016

"No interval" method is the most effective way to reduce fat shape, no interval exceeds 1 hour 12 minutes jogging. Not check it yourself online. Blogs also have a detailed exercise plan and diet guidance. I followed online "anaerobic intermittent" exercise video at home fitness, anaerobic batch 3 months, ABS visible, substantial reduction in body fat, fat loss 10 pounds.
If practice ABS, the first step is to lose fat, not fat loss muscle wrapped in thick layers of fat forever, appeared not to come out forever.
Check interval-free online fitness, there are specific articles and explanations of this method has been around for 15 years in a foreign country, China's nascent, is recognized as the best way to lose fat.
"Anaerobic intermittent exercise" 2-3 times a week + 1-2 + diet = fit of strength training 2 months, this is the best fitness program. Save time without going to the gym, is able to practice at home, the most efficient and reasonable saves time and money.
"No oxygen intermittent fitness" of principle is, no oxygen intermittent fitness improve you body of has oxygen and no oxygen capacity, accelerated itself metabolism rate, makes fat in movement zhihou (note is "zhihou") also can continues to high-speed burning fat, and General has oxygen just in you slow run of 1 hours among burning fat, and Qian 30 minutes just in consumption sugar original provides energy, also cannot burning fat, that only about 30 minutes of time to burning fat (if you slow run 1 hours words). "Blank interval fitness" you exercise after 12-48 hours (depending on how hard you exercise), your body still doing anaerobic exercises, fast fat burning, so the effect of fat reduction is better than aerobic exercise. And to save time, in just 12 minutes, will be able to do at home, saving time and money efficiently.
Let others sweat on the treadmill in the gym 1 hour, 12 minutes you more effectively than they.
"Anaerobic intermittent exercise" specific physiological principles include the following:
Man has two fat-burning machine, the first metabolic systems.
When your heart beats faster, circulation accelerated metabolism speed up, fat-burning machine (System) running faster, so fat burning is accelerated. If you can improve your metabolism, not only in sports, and you don't exercise metabolic system also is in the running state, you more quickly and effectively than others to burn fat 24 hours a day.
So fat is the key: to improve metabolic function.
For example, your metabolic system is the engine on his bike, you fat gasoline, when you drive, when cars burn gasoline, when you stop turn off when the car does not burn gas, if stopping after running the engine without stalling, while your car is not moving, but you will continue to burn gasoline engine.
People of the second fat-burning machine: muscle.
People have the muscle, muscle slowly and automatically day to burn fat. Every time you add 5 pounds of muscle, even when there is no movement, you will burn every month 15000 calories of heat, about 2 pounds of fat. In other words, if your muscles more than others, you'll day automatically burning more fat than others.
Therefore, the second key to fat loss: increased muscle mass (this is better than fat reduction effect of the metabolic system)
The training time is very short, only 12 minutes (if you are a health professional, can be increased to 18 minutes to 22 minutes, 50 seconds movement, 10 second rest, repeat 18 times). Reason is because you have to use your best efforts and strength. You cannot maintain this vigorous activity for a long time. If you're doing the "anaerobic intermittent exercise" followed by strength, it means that you did not work. Of course, everyone has their own limits, but if your best efforts, "anaerobic intermittent exercise", you should be a full exhaust it. You are the only people who can feel your own body, you are the only person who can control the intensity of. "Anaerobic intermittent exercise" the result completely depends on your own efforts, depends on you in this 12-minute (or 18 minutes) how to drive or force yourself to do the action. If you are comfortable on the body before exercise intensity, you won't get the results you want.
"Anaerobic intermittent exercise" is to use your own weight to effectively reduce fat and increase muscle, so your metabolism in 24-48 hours of training within fast-moving, which means longer fat burning time. Higher the intensity of your exercise burn more fat. "Anaerobic intermittent exercise" will also strengthen your cardiovascular system function.
Beginners can take 4 minutes or 8 minutes, get started. Online video can do it at home and don't have to spend time going to the gym.
If you don't believe it, or you can check it online yourself "anaerobic batch" or foreign research original "interval training", which have been around for 15 years in a foreign country, very mature theory.
Fast fat loss diet:
Of course, if fitness, not with a balanced diet, no use, basic principles of fat loss diet is:
1. not starve, not dieting, feeling a little hungry will eat a little, because it is very hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings, junk food all want to eat, and eat a lot.
2. eat more food, 1st 5 meal each meal and 6 full
3. eat more fruit, vegetables and nuts
4. eat less carbohydrates such as white rice, noodles, bread, want to eat black bread and grains
5. eat French fries, ice cream, cakes and other high-calorie high-fat foods
6. drink less, drink water
7. eat less fried, FRY, Grill, greasy food; the most nutritious raw, followed by steaming and oven baked, boiled again.
8. eat less red meat (pork, beef and mutton), eating more white meat (chicken, fish)
Optimum nutrition with examples:
1.7:00 breakfast: fruit
2. brunch 9:30: milk with a variety of nuts
3. lunch 12:00: vegetable salads
4. afternoon tea 15:00: (after exercise) toast and boiled-egg sandwiches of peanut butter between vegetables, plus chicken breasts or fish, because within 30 minutes after exercise carbohydrates and protein helps muscle recovery.
5. dinner: steamed vegetables, baked chicken or fish.