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Can yoga really help you lose weight

Aug 12, 2019

Can yoga really help you lose weight  

20 min Yoga for WEIGHT LOSS, Fat Burning Yoga Workout | Sarah Beth Yoga

  Many people say that yoga is in fact just to relieve the body and mind without weight loss effect, but some people say that yoga can promote weight loss, so yoga can lose weight after all?In fact, practice yoga is very helpful for reducing weight thin body, but specific how to reduce, but knowledge.


How does yoga achieve weight loss effect

Generally speaking, yoga through a variety of ways to achieve the effect of weight loss on the yoga mat or body combination of twisting action or bending posture, can become self-massage type, this massage through pressure to stimulate the internal organs in the body, thereby improving the digestive system, to achieve the effect of weight loss


Weight control

Some researchers believe that yoga can stimulate the vagus nerve activity of the nervous system (the 10th pair of brain nerves, and the sympathetic nervous system antagonism to regulate the body's heart rate, breathing, gland secretion and blood flow distribution of liver, adrenal gland and other important organs).This affects the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that affects cortisol production.

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and when the body needs cortisol to maintain normal physiological functions during stressful situations, it needs enough weight to satisfy its control.The yoga practice at this time helps us maintain cortisol levels and thus regulate our body so that we don't lose too much weight.In this way, yoga is a weight-control valve.


Weight loss comes down to a simple formula: calories burned exceed calories taken in.

Calories are burned primarily through metabolism and exercise, not through calorie restriction alone.

Slow yoga also helps you lose weight

Although yoga for relaxation or healing burns relatively few calories, it can also help you lose weight.You can't ignore their credit just because it's not obvious.

Soothing or healing yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the body's "rest and digestion" reactions, including digestion, muscle and injury repair, hormonal activity and breathing.You can also lose weight by doing a relaxing yoga session after a hard day's work, which stimulates digestion and other organs.


Mental weight loss

In addition to the physiological effects, yoga also changes the mind of practitioners and keeps them in a better state of life.Yoga fosters a deep connection between mind, body, and spirit, and when all these things are aligned, we have a better awareness.

Some studies have shown that the positive energy you develop in yoga classes can be translated into proper eating habits.Some yogis can refuse to turn to food for relief from a moment of boredom, habit or stress.

One of the most overlooked: as long as you're alive, you're burning calories.Basic blood flow, breathing, and the operation of cells in the body all consume calories.

The practice of yoga is about enjoying the practice.Concentrate on feeling the flow of every cell in your body, the lengthening of each breath and the strength of each stretch.Forget the purpose of so - called model, thin body, devotion of whole body, change can meet quietly with you in this process.