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Casual Wear Guide

Nov 01, 2018
Winter Jackets With Fur Hood For Man

Clothing is like the second layer of the human body, how to wear comfortable and rest assured, experts remind you to pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

First, look at the product identification.

1. Check whether the model specifications are clearly expressed and whether they are suitable for wearing the body shape of the human body. Of course, it is best to try on. For light and thin silk garments, it is better to choose a little looser to prevent the seams from bursting or yarn slip during use. The choice of elastic or corset clothing should be based on the assumption that the wearing is not suppressed when wearing.

2. Check whether the material composition of the clothing fabric (fabric, lining, filling material, etc.) is clear and complete. The clothing has different performance and value due to different materials. Generally, it is the most suitable material for underwear or close-fitting clothing. Good choice of pure cotton or cotton blended materials, pure cotton products are comfortable and breathable, it is not suitable to buy purified fiber underwear products (such as pure polyester).

3. Check the information on whether or not the garment is cleaned. This is the key to guiding the use of the product. Because of the different styles and characteristics of the garment, there are differences in the use, washing and maintenance treatment. If handled properly, the garment can be used for a long time. During the period, it remained beautiful and durable.

Second, the hand to see the appearance quality of clothing products.

1. According to the needs and the experience of wearing, the consumers will accept the clothing according to the quality of the materials and quality grades.

2. Check whether the content of the label matches the real status of the product, mainly from the feel of the fabric, the flaw of the fabric, the color difference, the stain, the sewing, the zipper, and the firmness of the button.