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Do you care about fitness diet

Aug 17, 2018

Do you care about fitness diet?

If you want to be thin, in fact, many people often do not have aerobic fitness, but control eating and drinking, but if you want to lose weight quickly and scientifically, you must pay special attention to fitness diet. If you want to know how the diet is scientific and healthy, you can actually look at the dietary pyramid: every meal needs grains, beans, fruits and vegetables and six glasses of water, daily need soy milk, dairy products, protein, seen, vegetable oil, every Eggs and desserts are needed for the week.

But for fitness people, the fitness diet is even more critical. However, in general, it is based on the following points.

1: Eat low GI foods

GI stands for glycemic index. High GI foods produce higher blood sugar and trigger insulin secretion in the body. Insulin is the main hormone that calms our body. If you eat high GI food, it is easy to sleep after a meal. In general, high-GI foods are often high-fat or high-sugar foods, while fitness is generally high in protein, low in sugar and low in fat.

2: Eat less and eat more
The fitness breakfast recommends milk, wheat crackers or cereals, plus eggs and fruit, which is balanced and can also take care of our taste buds. Fitness sometimes makes it more delicious. It allows us to have enough carbohydrates to produce energy in the morning. If you feel that your efficiency is declining, add fruit at 9:00 am: bananas, strawberries, oranges, or nuts like peanuts. Walnuts, pistachios, etc.

At noon, you must eat less rice and noodles, and you must pay attention to less oil. Oil believes that everyone knows that it is greasy, and it is easy to sleep when eating too much. In fact, it is because there is too much oil in the oil. Similarly, rice noodles are high-GI foods. Lunch can eat coarse grains instead of staple foods. Meat can eat chicken breast, beef, and fish. Wait, eat less pork, this will make your fitness effect double.

There is an afternoon tea in the afternoon, about three o'clock, dinner can add a day of fat (in fact, you can eat nuts or plant seeds to supplement) while letting the body sleep better.

3: Replenish protein in time after fitness
Whether you want to engrave the body lines, make the lines look better, or you want to have enough energy and slowly increase your muscle strength, then you have to add protein, such as protein powder or other, in a timely manner after half an hour of fitness. .