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Heat transfer print sportwear

Jul 04, 2018

Thermal transfer is an emerging printing process that has been introduced abroad for more than 10 years. The printing method of the process is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing adopts dot printing (resolution up to 300 dpi), and the pattern is pre-printed on the surface of the film. The printed pattern is rich in layers, colorful, and ever-changing. The color difference is small, the reproducibility is good, the effect of the design pattern can be achieved, and it is suitable for mass production.
The transfer processing transfers the delicate pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the product through one-time processing (heating and pressing) of the heat transfer machine. After the molding, the ink layer is integrated with the surface of the product, which is realistic and beautiful, and greatly improves the grade of the product. However, due to the high technical content of the process, many materials need to be imported.


Thermal transfer production process:
The first step. Make high-resolution pictures;
The second step is to make a dot-type gravure electro-engraving plate according to the size of the picture;
The third step: printing the gravure on the printing machine onto the PET polyester film, that is, printing into a thermal transfer film, and printing the finished product pattern for several hours in one hour.
The fourth step is to install the thermal transfer film on the thermal transfer hot stamping machine for printing, the operation is simple, the pattern is formed once, and no coloring is needed.
A thermal transfer stamping machine can print tens of thousands of products in 8 working hours a day.
Can be applied to ABS, PE, PP, EVA, leather, stainless steel, glass, wood, coated metal.