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How to choose sports bra?

Jan 23, 2019

Sports bra buying skills

1. Confirm your upper bust, lower bust and cup type. Try to pick a full-cup bra, don't go for a half-cup or other revealing bra just for the sake of looking good.

2. 2. Check if the ingredient card is of pure cotton texture.

3, sports bras do not choose to have a steel tray type, but also pay attention to the contrast between the inner and outer garments should not be large.

4, single-layer sports cotton texture underwear can prevent breast sagging, and will not rub the skin, it is suitable for girls with full breasts.

5, check the shoulder strap design of the underwear, if the elasticity is good, the angle position is good, it is not appropriate to slip down.

6, try on is a very important part, look at the mirror to see the front, back, side of the body. Take a look at the body and experience whether it is comfortable and natural. The bra strap should feel thick, but not too tight (not to red stamp). It is best to have a non-slip rubber pad that reduces friction during exercise.

7. Different bra choices depending on the type of exercise. The more intense the exercise, the higher the level of support needed. Therefore, the sports bras required for both aerobics and boxing are quite different. When you try the bra, you can jump in the fitting room to see if it provides proper support for the chest. It should be based on your chest feeling safe (packaged) and not painful.

8, remember to use the slimming (firm skin) products to massage the body after exercise, the chest can also apply some breast enhancement (emollient) and enhance skin elasticity products.