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Method effectiveness of the rattan collar titanium post

Jan 07, 2016

By vine neck ring a familiar brand, collars are fateng products, vinesintroduced a titanium post now method, water soluble titanium technology,applied on the products, through the use of "Titanium beads" directlystimulate the swelling area to relax muscles, relieve soreness.

Fateng titanium round stickers, using "water soluble titanium X30" has astrong waterproof performance. Sweat bathing. TI posted there istransparent, you can stick in any location, is a beautiful choice.

Titanium post is a reusable product, not to traditions of tendon injuriesplasters, one-time use.

By vine neck ring, Platinum, jade is no longer white collars are now popularsingle ornament, a casual style, but also can phiten jewelry relieve musclesoreness is quietly popular. This unique jewelry by adjusting the physicalcurrent to ease muscle pain and stiffness, improves blood circulation. Forthose who are sedentary white-collar workers, phiten is a good choice.

According to reports, titanium phiten's unique technology will dissolve inwater and will get titanium particle infiltration in the material of eachfiber of the fabric, made from special fibers treated phiten products,natural healthy properties of titanium delivered to different parts of thebody. In June 2005, the phiten products China State intellectual propertyoffice patent certification.

Phiten store at fashion square, occasionally have young people to buycollars, old customers, and of course there are those who have heard of. Qi Xiaojie is admired in the service sectors, "I

Today is the first time to buy collars, listening to a friend, said prettygood, because the characteristics of my cervical discomfort, to the hospitaland it's the big question. "Doctors advise Miss aligned, maintaining correctposture at work, more exercise, so she wanted to wear phiten necklaces torelieve problems of the cervical spine.

"Sporty" collar is not just white-collar workers liked, also favored by manyfamous sports stars. Such as soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata, Ono Shinji, thefamous golf player shanjinwu, the famous baseball star, such aslangdi·yuehanxun. Professional sports figures reflect good movement speed,faster time, and athletic performance enhancement. Women's soccer in China,it has become the Shanghai SVA specifies the use of the product, as well asby the Shanghai Shenhua, football players ' favorite, and in January 2005, she became the tenth National Games, Shanghai sports delegation designatedproducts.

Sports injuries medical experts said Chang kin, not before touching thephiten jewelry is skeptical, but less than 3 months to solve the old problemof his dizziness. It is understood that the titanium has a specialcharacteristic of current, will have beneficial physiological effects on thehuman body and its chemical stability, does not occur when changes ordeterioration is good for human health. Therefore the use of titaniumproducts can achieve mental relaxation, muscle relaxation, improvement ofmotor function results.