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See what kind of fitness equipment for you

Jan 07, 2016

Functional fitness:
Suitable for use by elderly, for the purpose of health and longevity. Strong, can choose a treadmill and exercise bike and fly; in poor health may make use of a variety of massage, currently on the market have an Earth swing fitness machines are particularly suitable for such use.
Suitable for use in women, such as three or four pounds of small dumbbells, abdomen devices, exercise wheel, gymnastics mats and other small items, and some blood circulation of small magnetic therapy and massage, to fitness weight loss can result.
Fitness and leisure:
Business professional, easy fatigue, can be refreshing by fitness, choice of climbing machine, exercise bike, rowing machine, and so on.
Growth-oriented fitness:
Youth Fitness weight loss emphasizes a comprehensive, scientific, trunk lifting frames, machines, dumbbells, the grip is suitable for young people.
Integrated fitness:
Home with a multifunction integrated fitness, set running, rowing, cycling, mountain climbing as a whole, suitable for both men and women. Purchase of fitness without tandaqiuyang, as long as quick for you, reasonable prices, small it anyway, not to buy imported brands.