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Type of Sports Bra

Nov 26, 2019

Type of sports bra

1. Simple fixation.

With a layer of elastic mesh bra, the structure is simple and there is basically no design for human body structure. The appearance is similar to a little cute, rarely existing in an independent form, but mostly coexisting with sports vest, halter and other forms of clothing.

Many outdoor clothing manufacturers, sporting goods and fitness clothing manufacturers have similar products that are easily available in the domestic market with little difference in quality. Less rigid, suitable for low impact sports and A,B cup mm parts of the medium impact sports.

2. Pressure fixation.

The most widely used type of bra is also the type used by the vast majority of sports bras. Similarly, it mainly relies on the elasticity of the fabric to form pressure on the chest and achieve the purpose of fixation. And what is different with type 1 is, its can consider breast shape adequately in clipping, structure, force to shoulder, the element such as back force (say simply ergonomics), obtain good and fixed sex thereby while still maintaining comparative comfortable sex.

Generally, the scoop-back is classified according to the different shoulder straps: it looks like a normal bra. Fixed medium, approximately suitable for low impact and moderate impact motion with the a-c cup mm.

Hurdle vest, similar to the appearance of the upper hurdle vest, fixed better than the former. Depending on the material and structure, it can basically cope with all types of motion of a-d mm.

3. Compound formula.

The most rigid designs, in addition to the structure contained in type 2, generally have special steel brackets (both above are steel brackets - steel brackets are not necessarily metal materials) to obtain better support support, the strength of the fabric is greater. It can provide good fixation and protection for D and D+ mm under medium and high impact motion.