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Weight-loss tips

May 15, 2018



Some Weight-loss tips

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1, minus 10 kg body weight ≠ minus 10 kg fat

Weight loss drug advertising favorite to take this concept flicker you, saying that you pack 7 days minus 10 pounds of weight, but never dare to pack you minus 10 pounds of pure fat. Subtracting 10 pounds of body weight may include 5 pounds of water, 3 pounds of manure, 0.5 pounds of muscle, and 1.5 pounds of fat. Fat is less dense, like a bubble. If one really subtracts 10 pounds of pure fat, there will be a big improvement in body size. However, in reality, many women lose 10 pounds, but their body shape has not changed. It is because of the wrong way to lose weight. There is only a small amount of fat in the 10 pounds of body weight.


2. How long does it take to lose 20 pounds of pure fat?

According to a study by a German sportsman, a person weighing 160 pounds wants to lose 20 pounds of fat. He only needs to ride a bicycle for 100 hours. If you don't want to ride a bicycle, you can take 270 hours. If you think 270, Hours too long, you can also jog for 110 hours or play 145 hours of tennis.

3, where can you reduce the exercise?

Many people think that where to exercise can lose fat, so to reduce the stomach every night to do a few hundred sit-ups, this is wrong! It should be noted that the accumulation of fat is of a general nature. The man's abdomen is the fastest to pile up, while the woman's buttocks, lower abdomen and waist are the fastest to pile up, and then it is the limbs. Therefore, weight loss is also the whole body, and on the contrary, the fastest reduction of limbs, waist and hip reduction is the slowest, never exercise where to reduce where this statement.

Can only do yoga to lose weight?

Yoga is mainly a stretch of muscles, which combines breathing and meditation. Most of the situations are static. They can relax body and mind. The effect of weight loss is not significant, but it is good as an aid and it is suitable for practicing after exercise. .

5, do not eat diet pills!

Most diet pills on the market are laxatives and have not yet been certified by the authorities. In the intestines of the average person, there will be a few kilograms of feces left. After drinking a slimming tea, the toilets will be relieved and the body weight will be reduced. There will not be any change in body size because your body fat has not been lost and the intestinal environment will be damaged.