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What practical knowledge and experience do you have in fitness

Aug 13, 2019

What practical knowledge and experience do you have in fitness

Before you start working out, you should have a correct understanding of your talent, so as to avoid disappointment and give up training.

Push-pull squats are the four basic functions of the human body, covering most resistance training movements.The premise of proper use of the four basic functions of the body is neutral and symmetrical posture.

3. There is no diet that is suitable for everyone, and individual differences are extremely extreme in this field.Constantly adjust your diet to fit your needs. The most important thing is not eating bad food.

4 introduction to improve looking for coaches, the main industry by blowing, getting on the car need to be careful.Expensive is not good, cheap is not good.

Here are some tips for new drivers

6 if you encounter a muscle-building platform with standard posture and proper movement, look for a barbell movement with relatively high training value for each area.20 teams, 8-12rep, call it a day.(chest that can't dry without 20 sets of barbell bench press)

For 99% of the trainers, the shoulder only requires a push, focusing on the back and center bunches.Many people practice too many shoulder lifts and too few side lifts and bird bends.Uneven shoulders can make you very, very vulnerable to injury.The coronal lift only works on the front bunch.i'll say it one more time.(strong shoulders don't mean big shoulders)

It only takes one or two pull-downs to do back work. Concentrate on rowing.The back needs a certain thickness to give you a clear sense of contraction.Think about your pectorals, your flat chest that you just trained to cross your chest and pump?(back work today, row to panama)

9 arm is ten thousand years unchanged super group, antagonistic muscle training benefits more.(the three heads, the long head and the brachial muscles are the keys to 45)

The emphasis of leg training is the back side chain.I don't understand the point of a bunch of people working hard on high-stick squats and leg flexion. It doesn't save your testosterone.(strong lunge)

No amount of chest training can make a difference.(barbell horizontal roll miracle)

Don't be too superstitious about the standardization of actions. Individual differences are still incisively and vividly in this aspect.The devil of detail will only make you stand still.The only way you can make rapid progress is by eating hard and putting on more and more weight.(done)

13. Don't go to Olympic training. There's no need to stock up on meat.(yes, or dry)

14 suddenly think of, meng new don't practice too much barbell.In the early stage, small weight isolation training with high frequency and high number of groups is helpful to experience the power feeling of target muscle group.(warm up or dry)

I woke up hungry and went to sleep after eating something.Supplements only need protein powder, creatine, and vitamins if you eat well.(the principal holds on to the nitrogen pump, so sweet)

16. Add an hour of stretching on your day off.The goal is greater range of motion.This is more important than a momentary amount of muscle fat.(first fat is not fat)