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Anta Zheng Jie: Sporting Goods Market Is Far From Saturated

Jan 07, 2016

As for Anta, 2015 the critical moment has two. One is the performance, 2015Anta's goal is sales breaking tens of billions, this is the height ofsporting goods enterprises in China have never been achieved but Anta isconquering the heights. From our current operating data, achieve the goal ofbreaking billions of little problems.

Another was in October we released football strategy. Football is theworld's largest sports, we have been concerned about the football market.This football strategy to help us improve the football, running, basketball, the three categories are laid out on, we want football Anta's core category.

Main challenges is the result of changes in the market, China's sports goodsindustry experienced a Golden (1098.80, 6.90, 0.63%) after the rapiddevelopment of 10 in 2012, entered a period of adjustment, all major brandsof performance and profit both fell. Due mainly to the market and consumersenormous changes have taken place, before the big wholesale model no longermeet market demand. Coupled with the pursuit of consumer technology, as well as the influence of electronic commerce on the rise, companies must changein order to win back the market. Through adjustments in recent years,industry Division, gap began to open between enterprises, excellent firmsdominate the market, some companies were eliminated.

From the beginning of 2013, Anta started the transformation of the retail-oriented. First is implementation organization schema flat of policy, we knocked has Ann stepped and dealer Zhijian of middle-tier, let both of communication collaboration more smooth; second, we through analysis data, judge market trend, and to this for dealer provides more precision of guidelines; third, Ann stepped further strengthening has elastic supply chain management, tie front-end market of needs for fast fill single, improve overall business efficiency; IV, continues to research innovation, build differences of products, through innovation products upgrade retail competitiveness.

Currently facing China's economic slowdown, but it is in China's rapideconomic growth after a certain time, self-regulation and normal phenomenonof solid gains. There are many means of improving economic growth in Chinaand strategy. In sports, for example, relevant documents issued by the State Council, received a strong engine of growth for the sports industry. Antasports products industry has now entered a new decade.