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Why stick to running but did not thin? Why not try "intermittent run"!

Jun 27, 2017

If the regular running, you can not let you have obvious physical changes (in general, conventional jogging is absolutely effective, if you feel invalid, it is likely to be strength, diet out of the problem), then you can try to run intermittently.

Increase the maximum oxygen uptake

Intermittent run can enhance the maximum oxygen uptake, enhance the runners heart and lung function. The maximum oxygen uptake is a term that means the maximum amount of oxygen that can be taken when you reach the limit of exercise. The higher the value, the better your endurance. Running a big breath is because you need to consume more oxygen.

Therefore, if you want to improve your maximum oxygen uptake, you have to force yourself as much as possible in the maximum oxygen uptake corresponding to the intensity of training, so as to profoundly stimulate your heart and lung system, the maximum oxygen uptake can improve. Want to run normally do not breathe, improve the maximum oxygen intake is king!

Improve running economy

In fact, is to save energy and energy to run the way. Running economy is also an important factor in running results. The same game, running the economy is relatively high runners can save more energy, run up is also relatively easy.

At the same time, good running economy, can make up for the runners in the other physical qualities of the existing deficiencies, such as muscle strength and so on.

Enhance the body anti-lactic acid ability

Many runners are mainly used to run low-intensity long run (that is, LSD). LSD mainly to oxygen-based energy, but in the process of improving the speed, because the intensity of running up, gradually from the aerobic state into the anaerobic state, then the proportion of glycolysis for the increase in energy, decomposition Lactic acid increased significantly, the body gradually fatigue. Delayed lactic acid production, to enhance the rapid increase in lactic acid before the corresponding speed is particularly important.

Therefore, the system trained runners can enhance the lactic acid threshold (blood lactic acid sharply increased inflection point, representing the body from the aerobic metabolism into the anaerobic metabolism) corresponding to the exercise intensity, which can maximize the use of aerobic metabolism, Speed at the same time delay the occurrence of anaerobic metabolism, improve running efficiency.

In short, intermittent run will make you run faster, stick to longer. Intermittent run, in fact, can be regarded as a HIIT.

What is HIIT?

Any movement that reflects high intensity, intermittent can be called HIIT movement. For example, swimming sprint 50 meters, and then slowly adjust 50 meters, and then sprint. This is also a HIIT movement.

Studies have shown that the faster the HIIT changes, the better the effect of EPOC (excess oxygen consumption after exercise). Bluntly, that is, the effect of burning fat after exercise the better. HIIT can increase the rate of fat oxidation when quiet, and the overall metabolic rate.

So, we can change the intermittent way to run, the intermittent run to change the frequency of change, you can complete the intermittent run.

By setting the time, sprint for 1 minute or 40 seconds, slow 20 to 30 seconds, and then sprint for 1 minute or 40 seconds, then slow for 20 to 30 seconds, as a result of this cycle. The total time is based on individual ability, set in 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Every time you run out to make every effort.

What is "exhausted"?

Everyone has a different understanding of "exhaustion", so heart rate is the best standard. Here refers to the "exhaustion" is to reach your maximum heart rate of about 80%. (Understanding heart rate please stamp "Q & A |" fat heart rate "is the maximum heart rate of 60% to 70%, that the maximum heart rate is what?")

Some people will ask, 1 minute or 40 seconds is not too short, when you tried to know, in the "make every effort" speed, can get through 30 seconds have been great. If you just want to lose weight, this intermittent run is better than a uniform jogging method.

How to arrange intermittent training

First in the intermittent training when there is a premise, runners have experienced 4-6 weeks of training, with a certain endurance foundation, the body is suitable for intermittent training. Intermittent run is not suitable for the first run.

Training frequency:

Take a day out of the week for intermittent training.

Intermittent run may run harder, but in order to run more easily in the future, now have to pay. Beyond the logic, can easily face.