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Golden Globe Winner Modric: My Feeling Is Sweet And Sour

Jul 16, 2018

Golden Globe winner Modric: My feeling is sweet and sour

In an interview after the game, Modric said: "I am very happy that the world recognizes our team. I am very happy that I won the Golden Globe Award, but we did not participate in the World Cup after all. My feelings can be sweet and sour. Sweetness is bad because of the team's performance and because it didn't win the championship."

However, "Magic Flute" knows that the outcome of the game cannot be changed. He said: "Although I lost, I am proud. We can be proud of everything we get, although the feeling of failure is not good, right. No one is easy, but we have tried our best. We have always been We have never given up until the end of the battle. Especially when we are behind 1:4, we are doing our best, so our minds are always high."

For the French team to use VAR to get the penalty and hit the ball, this ball gave the Croatian team a big blow. Regarding the penalty, Modric said: "I didn't see the penalty, but Ivan (Rakitic) said that he did not intend to handball. This ball really affects everyone, because after all, we are very close to the French team. A lot of pressure was exerted. After conceding the ball, we strengthened the offense and gave the opponent a chance to fight back."

Many viewers and journalists agree that Croatia plays better than the French team in this game, but the champion is the French team. The result is a bit unfair. Modric believes: "There is nothing to complain about now. I think we may be winners according to the performance on the court. But this is football. If we lose, we lose. We can't change anything. We are only I am proud of what we have done, because we have never yielded, and we are always struggling on the field. At the last minute."

For the future plan, "Magic Flute" did not answer, just said: "I need rest now, I need to work with my family, and then decide where to go in the future."