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Longquan Primary School Receive A Sporting Goods

Jan 07, 2016

News reporter Luo Kunya reported panlong District Committee, Longquan StreetCommittee sports donation ceremony was recently held in Longquan primary school, caring to long Quan elementary school basketball, badminton, table tennis, jumping rope and a number of sports.

Longquan primary school is a primary school for migrant children, childrenexercise conditions need to be improved. In donation ceremony Shang, Longquan primary school principal Dai Zhongxiang to district, and street shut Working Committee on Longquan primary school of care and support said thanks, thanks shut Working Committee to in the school attended of foreign workers personnel children sent to has party and government care and warm, and said Longquan primary school will not negative expectations, and struggled to struggle, and efforts work, and again create success, put Longquan primary school do into a by let social satisfaction, and parents satisfaction, and students adult, and talent of school. Long Quan elementary school in a unique way, roll of drums, dancing color fans, cheerful dance,inspiring spirit expressed his gratitude to heads of present at theceremony.