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Question: Does Yoga Lose Weight

May 10, 2018


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Question: Does yoga lose weight?


Question: Does yoga lose weight?


Answer: Can not lose weight, the most important point of exercise is: heart rate. In other words, if you can't reach your minimum heart rate for fat burning, then naturally it's not weight loss. Yoga is generally a more soothing exercise, especially Yin Yoga. It is difficult to achieve an effective fat burning heart rate. This is not a weight loss. the reason.


However, some higher-intensity yoga increases their heart rate, such as power yoga, which requires relatively large muscle control. At this point, the heart rate needed to burn fat is usually achieved. Well, it is still losing weight. This simply means that the duration will not be long. After a while, your heart rate will drop again. However, girls still have a hard time doing power yoga. Yoga instructors do not have much female power.

However, yoga has a particularly good effect on shaping. It effectively stretches the body lines and makes the body more upright and slimmer, so it is recommended that the sisters practice.



Question: Can thick legs run?


Answer: Sprint will make your legs thicker, and you will not run a long distance.


Due to limited space, we can only say that people are worried about long-legged runners. Long-distance running is a long-term aerobic exercise. The heart rate can basically reach the required level of fat burning, so long-term adherence is definitely a matter of fat consumption. Of course, it will be burned. ?


Why are there long-distance running and rough-leg theory?

main reason


1: After long-distance running, the calf muscles will be blocked and there will be a visible thickening. However, this is only temporary. Rest muscles and rest will restore the original volume.


2 ️: Long-distance running will cause lactic acid accumulation, you will feel sore legs, so you feel rough. This is also temporary. When lactic acid is completely dissolved, it does not acidify. This misunderstanding will also disappear.


3: There is a saying that the running posture is incorrect, the sole is not right, and it causes muscle errors. As long as there are two large calf muscles: calf muscle and soleus muscle. The so-called rough legs and muscle legs, is the gastrocnemius muscle is too thick, the gastrocnemius laterally long, so increase, it will be horizontally enlarged, vision will appear stout legs. We have to train the flounder muscles. It grows longitudinally, so it will visually stretch the leg to make it look slimmer .