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The 100 Best Male Footballers In The World 2018

Dec 20, 2018

How the Guardian selected 100 of the world's best male footballers in 2018

 Mario Kempes, Zico and Nuno Gomez were among 225 voting experts, and we selected the world's best male footballers on the seventh male hundred list, we brought 225 judges from 69 countries, Led by legendary players such as Zico (Zico), Mario Kempes (Mario kempes) and Nuno Gomez (Nuno Gomes).They have the support of coaches, broadcasters, journalists, journalists and editors from around the world, as well as former players such as Havier Zanetti (Javier Zanetti), Tougney Crimoglos (Tugay Kerimoglu) and Aire Berkovich (Eyal Berkovic).The 34 current and former pros have won a total of 2009 years of international competition.Our 225 judges come from all over the world, namely: 19 people in Africa, 20 in Asia, 140 in Europe, 11 in North and Central America, 35 in South America.The countdown will begin in Tuesday, December 18, with Hurricane 100th to 71st.Wednesday We will release 70-41, Thursday 40-11, the first 10 in Friday to complete this year's list.The first 100 rules are explained below the list of judges.The judges are listed alphabetically by category