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Jul 09, 2018

VACAE 2018 autumn/winter fashion inspiration derive from a Marine adventure, is different from the past in a particular city as the main shaft, this season's holiday story will be around in an ocean trip, traveler alone across the oceans, follow, and controlled by the curiosity at the helm and sailing direction, a map in his hand, and go forward again after a period of adventure, and the new world and old thought constantly each other collision, a piece of a piece together again like the life you love, change a new self.


In the series, the combination of rigid and soft is the focus of the overall shape. For example, when a traveler faces an unknown adventure, the vulnerability is temporarily removed and potential independent armor is used. Many coating profiles are moderately enlarged. Used with beige lace skirts; pearl chiffon shirts, double-breasted navy pants.

Travelers will be inspired and growing in constant challenges, while inspiring women's perseverance from the inside out, a variety of v-neck long-sleeved tops and fishtail-style denim skirts emphasize the sexy curves of women, while not overly revealing vulgarity, emphasizing women The choice to create a modest self-attraction; another lace skirt with sequins and a silver metallic coat, exquisite sequins reflect the understated elegance of women, and the metallic shiny coat adds to its effect, but Not too arrogant.

The brand's continuation hides the details of the story using wind energy, telling the story through the details of the women's clothing series, until you pay close attention, feel immersed, denim color line step skirts and pants, irregular silver metal buttons, different materials Stitching, irregular lines, etc... fully reflect the "imperfect" state of adventure life and learn to accept these unexpected surprises and challenges. Shiny sequins, gold lines, silver wire materials, and a large number of pearl ornaments are memories of the experience of the adventure, recording the perseverance and courage to abandon the fragile self and become a butterfly. Beautiful metamorphosis, like the concept that VACAE constantly conveys, modern women must pursue a better self in addition to being themselves.

VACAE conveys the story and atmosphere of each season through clothing, and the girls who accompany VACAE feel the joy and mood of the festival in the city and pursue themselves better. This season, the VACAE studio also bravely broke through the self and made a fruitful new attempt: the first launch of the down jacket and knit sweater series. This season's down jackets are carefully selected with high-quality goose down, using Japan's latest fabric technology - hot, moisturizing fabrics, in addition to warm, thin, stylish, but also has a moisturizing effect to protect the dry skin in winter. In addition, this season's pearl series, one of which is made of velvet diamond-patterned cotton jacket, uses 990 hand-fixed pearls to create a high-end uniform size fashion ready-to-wear collection. The color consistency is chosen by Moranti's color, which is derived from the Italian painter George Moranti. He is accustomed to creating with shades of gray, which are reflected in clothing, large areas and low saturation. This combination makes people feel soft, comfortable, eye-catching and elegant, and instantly enhances the texture of the clothes, soft and advanced.

Every trip has an end, and the adventures and challenges in life are inevitable, but to fight against it or to defeat it. Under the fashionable costumes, you don't need the cruel sacrifice of life, you can choose high-quality artificial fur, let the beauty radiate from the inside out. The Fall/Winter 2018 Collection will accompany you to explore your true self, strengthen your heart and become a better self.