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11 Things the Best Runner Does Every Day

Jun 11, 2018


11 Things the best runner does every day




1. They are always competing.


Sports itself is a kind of competition, which allows you to maintain a better state. Learn how to deal with adversity and learn how to make yourself stronger.


2. They eat very healthy.

Concerned about eating health, not eating fried foods, unhealthy or greasy things like cream, will not eat. Try to eat as lean as possible. Family members will also help track your diet.


3, they pay water, really pay for water.

Paying water is the most important thing. The sweat was carefully detected to determine the degree of electrolyte loss. Use special drinks to supplement your body with proper amounts of sodium and carbohydrates during training. Pay attention to replenishment can greatly enhance the exercise state and reduce cramps.


4. They sleep a lot.

Sleep at least 7 hours a day on average. Usually go to bed at 11 o'clock, except in exceptional circumstances. Use your mobile phone to remind yourself to go to bed 15 minutes before bedtime.


5. They recover every day.

Every day I do physical recovery in some form. Whenever you feel sore, go to a massage therapist, physical therapist, or do any recovery exercise that you can.


6, they try to drink less.

Of course, some people also drink, but at least 3 days before the game no one drinks. This proves that if you want to play at your best, you should not drink alcohol.

7. They value the body very much, just like the temple.
After all, the body is the capital of revolution! Do not treat it well, you can not complete the training and competition. You must do your best to treat it well and must allow it to be properly restored.


8. They explore other sports.

In addition to their own role, they also try to play other projects. Bryce also usually tried yoga: "This is more difficult than I thought. It helps me keep my head clear." In addition, he often plays golf.


9. They set goals every day.

Especially in the off-season, you have to set a lot of goals for yourself. Setting a body fat target or weight goal will keep you motivated and go to the gym every day even if you are not training.


10. They will take supplements.

They will eat many and many tonics - protein shakes, fruit juices, beet juice, vitamins, protein bars - so many things are what they eat. Of course, everyone has their own supplement recipes and you may not like them, but those are absolutely good.


11. They love what they do!

Wake up in the morning, the goal is to do what you want to do! Don't want to do anything else! In their DNA, they want to be better every day. They won't be satisfied unless they do the right thing.