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Personal experience with women's fitness

Aug 13, 2019

Personal experience with women's fitness

About the benefits of fitness for women

  1. Correct posture.The most common things women do are slip shoulders, hunchback, and neck extension.These can be improved by effectively stimulating and relaxing muscles.You may not feel it once or twice, but after six months or a year you can compare it and see the improvement I am talking about now.For example, I myself have a little shoulder slip, neck forward, but never before, only in recent years.It was caused by looking down to play mobile phone, computer and lifting heavy objects.At this moment should practice the muscle of back more, when back muscle has perception, the person also rises naturally.Also focus on relaxing the muscles you work on in your neck and shoulders

  2. Fix your body shape.Thick arms, big belly, narrow crotch, thick legs, bad leg...Can get some relief through fitness.A lot of people misunderstand that fitness will make the body strong, but that is really a misconception.From my personal point of view, I slept better, my skin was firmer and my waistline suddenly appeared.From the healthiest point of view, running is the most effective way to lose weight.I'm not a sports major, but my coaches are.I used to wonder why swimming wasn't ok, why dancing wasn't ok, why running was ok.My coach wang can answer: because running can keep the heart rate around 130 for a long time, while swimming can't keep the heart rate up to 40 minutes, which will definitely rest.So the most effective way to lose weight is to run.But I was really lazy. I only finished it two or three times, so I didn't experience it myself.From the real feedback of two partners around me, I insisted on running for two weeks and lost about 8kg.

About running

       For girls, run 4km at a speed of 8.0-8.5, about 30-40 minutes.If you've never run and hate                     running, start  walking fast, at a pace of about 6.5.You can also run and walk through them.But             get used to running at an        average speed of 30-40 minutes

About apparatus  

       In addition to losing fat, building muscle can make your lines more beautiful.No longer a pillar of        your legs (as opposed to many diets, liposuction, and botox), you'll have great muscle lines.And          fitness will improve the skeletal muscle content, for their own health is also very good.It is                    suggested that you can do a physical test to know your body fat, skeletal muscle, protein and              other content to give yourself a motivation.As your muscle mass increases, so does your basal           metabolism. That is to say, if two people eat the same food in a day, their basal metabolism is          higher and they are less likely to gain weight.In short, equipment classes are also recommended when conditions permit.(the trainer can adjust the intensity of your training and keep your training safe.)


    Individual proposal, do a body to measure first, the girl's words should the first demand is to reduce weight.Consider running for a while. If you don't want to run, take a boxing class to get your body fat and weight down to your desired level.If some people feel that enough is enough, they can continue to run, but remember not to run too much and lose muscle.If you want to improve some body shape, and line.Sign up for stretching and apparatus classes according to your needs.