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If you are going to work out, keep this in mind

Aug 12, 2019

If you are going to work out, keep this in mind  

1, one hour before the gym, do not eat indigestible food (fat, meat, alcohol), can eat appropriate carbohydrates

2. Warm up before and stretch after your workout (super important)

3. If you've been exercising for more than an hour, drink a sports drink to replace trace elements, such as electrolytes, that your body has lost

4, build muscle crowd, after fitness must supplement enough protein

5, reduce fat people, pay attention to calorie intake

6. Don't skip water during training. Follow small amounts more than once

Muscle soreness is a normal reaction the day after exercise

8. Wearing sports clothes and shoes while working out can not only improve performance but also reduce the risk of exercise

9, do not exercise after drinking (alcohol accelerates blood circulation, easy to induce hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases)

10, do not smoke for 30 minutes after training, blood circulation to promote the absorption of nicotine

11. Try not to hold your breath for a long time during equipment training, and slow the movement, so as to realize the muscle power (holding your breath can easily increase the internal pressure and cause internal bleeding).

12, bring a towel when training, especially in summer, in addition to bathing, when you use the equipment on the back, you do not want you to leave the equipment, others see the equipment back on a beach of sweat feel sick, right?

13. Do not bathe immediately after training, so as not to cause the body moisture cannot be eliminated;The water temperature should not be too high when bathing, so as not to cause immunity drop

14, do not blindly compare, a look at others push chest 20KG, you also come, you know the highest death rate of the movement is bench press, your training is to stimulate muscle growth, not compare with others

15, after the end of the training, please put the equipment in place, fitness people should not only have strong self-control, willpower, change has good quality and breeding!

Pick the sports you like, there is no best only suitable for their own, only like to insist for a long time!

17. Aerobic training starts and ends slowly.Don't stop right after your run. Walk for a few minutes!

18. Don't drink carbonated drinks during exercise!

19, do not wear "sauna clothing" exercise, not conducive to the body heat dissipation, easy to cause heat exhaustion

20, exercise is not the more tired, see whether the target muscle group is exercised, see whether there is pump feeling!

21. Avoid spicy foods before exercise

22. Don't exercise when you're sick and taking prescription drugs

23. Change your training schedule every once in a while. Your body is highly adaptable

24. Get enough sleep (8 hours)