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22 fitness tips below

Aug 08, 2019

11.As long as you practice well, it doesn't matter

Some people think they don't eat anything, and then exercise very strong, think it doesn't matter whether they eat or not, in fact, this kind of people, they must have enough protein in their daily eating habits, otherwise it won't grow. When you're building muscles, you have to understand one thing. You don't build muscle when you exercise. It just destroys your muscles. What really matters is the quality of the food you eat after you exercise. If you have to practice!

12.Carnitine is the cure for weight loss

L-carnitine, which is a really embarrassing thing, and a lot of people find it useful;There are also a lot of people think others say it is useful, to buy their own, and then eat useless.Why? Let's first look at what l-carnitine is.Carnitine is a very important tool in the body's fat metabolism. It promotes the breakdown of fat.Now, if you look at this, you might think it's useful to eat it.You actually have l-carnitine in your body, that is to say, whether you eat l-carnitine or not, while carnitine is found in red meat in the diet, so why do some of us eat carnitine and lose weight quickly, while others don't?That's because they need power.Carnitine is used only when there is an incentive to burn fat, and that incentive is exercise.

If you don't understand, let us, for example: now we have to think of carnitine as security, the door on the outside of the mitochondria, and you have ten hassles, exercise intensity is not big at the beginning, it only took five, after a while, there wasn't enough five, ten, and then use the ten is not enough, a little while?The meaning of supplementing carnitine lies here, so l-carnitine is not the holy elixir for weight loss, but exercise.

13.Without stretching

Very few people stretch themselves after exercise. It may seem like a low-impact exercise, but when it comes to stretching, there are many benefits.First of all, after you train, you bombard your muscle fibers, and they're all out of order, but they have to grow, and they have to grow in the same order, and when you stretch, you take those muscle fibers and you stretch them in the same direction.This is how stretching promotes muscle growth and recovery.Second, muscles are like springs. The difference in displacement between when you're not exerting force and when you're exerting force determines the strength of your muscles.This is something that can be changed by stretching.

14.No hydration

Our bodies are 60 to 70 percent water, and the message we get from drinking more water is that it promotes circulation and keeps our bodies fit. And the body will lose a lot of water during training, if not timely supplement, then the body will be dehydrated, not only hindered the blood circulation, but also affect the synthesis of muscle, injury of the body, time will cause more serious damage. In addition, the water itself does not contain any heat, drinking does not make you how to, feel free to drink it! It is recommended to take a few sips of water every 10-20 minutes.


It's a common misconception that the longer I practice, the better I get, the faster I get the body I want, and then I do it for two or three hours. Not only does this do no good to your fitness, it also does damage to your muscles, which can be irreparably damaged because they don't have time to recover from high stress. It's also easy to get hurt over long periods of intense training, so stop there.

16.Shower immediately after training

Many people are in a hurry to practice, so it's easy to rush to take a shower when the gym is about to close down, and rush out of sweat before it dries. In fact, it is very bad for the body, because the human body after exercise in order to take away excess heat, skin surface vasodilatation, sweat hole zhang, sweat increase. You should wait 15-20 minutes before taking a shower, and choose warm water. Because cold water can stimulate blood vessels immediately contraction, increase the resistance of blood flow, easy to make people ill. Nor does hot water, which speeds up the flow of blood through the skin, leading to insufficient blood flow to the heart and brain and leading to dizziness

17.Go to the gym when you're sick

I have to admire some brother, suffering from a severe cold and fever still insist on fitness, the mentality is worthy of encouragement, but the action will be criticized. When you are sick, your body falls into a weak state. Not only can you not reach the training state, but you are easily injured.

I would like to advise you here, sick take good care of the illness, after the good to give back

18.You don't need to build muscle

This is a mindset I bet most people have, but everyone knows it's impossible. Even if you get all kinds of muscle meat, as long as you give up exercise and eat a lot of food, the abdominal muscles will disappear quickly, the original muscle size will gradually atrophy, finally you will gradually become a person in the sea, lose the halo that fitness brings to you. It's easy to pile on more fat after a long layoff, even fatter than someone who works out, because your absorption capacity is already very good. But if you want to come back, you will recover much faster than those who train from zero to one. Here is my advice to you.

19.exercise on an empty stomach

According to medical reports, fasting exercise can lead to dizziness and even vomiting, "exercise-induced hypoglycemia," which puts extra stress on the body and increases the risk of injury.

Before exercise, you can eat some easily digestible foods, such as some fruits, raisins, etc., to give the body enough energy, so as to avoid hypoglycemia.

20.Vigorous exercise immediately after a mea

It's not good for your body to do exercise when you're hungry, and it's not good to do exercise when you're full. Because the digestive system needs a lot of blood after a meal, at this time of exercise, blood will give priority to the supply of bone and muscle, cause gastrointestinal motility slow down, gastric acid secretion decreased, and thus dyspepsia. Generally speaking, it is best to exercise 0.5~1.5 hours after a meal, if the exercise is more intense, it needs to give the digestive system more time

21.A sudden stop after exercise

During strenuous exercise, blood will be given priority to the muscles. If it stops suddenly, blood will stay in the veins and become ischemic in the heart and brain. Due to insufficient blood supply and lack of oxygen, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms will occur. After strenuous exercise, slow down to give the body time to adjust and let the blood return to a gentle state.

22.often stay up late

Sleep occupies a third of a person's life time, absolutely not optional, in the evening 11~12 o 'clock, sleep when the body secreted to help muscle growth hormone, this time if you do not sleep, hormone secretion will be affected. Bodybuilders should get at least seven to eight hours of sleep.