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22 fitness tips part one

Aug 08, 2019

22 fitness tips

1. Learn independently

Now the Internet is more developed, any plan you want to learn, action can find relevant text and video.It's worth noting that don't just stare at a giggle and try to follow it.This can only learn the surface, but not the essence, and it is easy to get too deep in the wrong direction.As you look at these materials, be sure to remember what you need to pay attention to for each action.Avoid training.What is the dominant part of each movement?Don't exhaust your arms while practicing your chest and back.After learning the knowledge, to practice as soon as possible.Because even if you write a full book, it's zero if you don't practice it.Only in practice will you know if the action is more appropriate for you, if it is stimulating and if it works for you.

2.Adhere to the

As anyone who has ever worked out knows, fitness is measured in years, and it's not like you can train for two or three months and see a huge improvement.Generally speaking, novice when just entering the gym will take a detour of 1~2 months, and these time are the "tuition fee" that you need to pay for entry.At the beginning, a lot of equipment will not be used, and I am too embarrassed to ask someone, so I can only explore foolishly.Whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat, set yourself a target date that you can achieve, such as gaining 10 pounds of muscle or losing 20 pounds of fat in a month.

When you start exercising, try not to do it every day, but three or four times a week.Let your body adjust to the intensity of the exercise so it doesn't take a physical or psychological hit, and it's less likely to make you want to give up.If you can find a training partner is the best, two people can supervise each other to clock, encourage and support each other.However, you need to pay attention to one point, do not two people together fall.Have a clear goal for yourself. You can't follow him if he doesn't go today.So, choose a partner to work out with


At first, everyone comes from the imitation stage, which is normal.But don't completely copy one person's training plan, because it's definitely not for you.Each person's body is unique. Someone else's training plan only applies to him/herself. Your training plan needs to be reformulated by yourself.The plan template on the Internet is just a reference. The specific training movements and the number of training groups and weights should be reset according to their own physical conditions, so as to select some movements and weights that are more in line with their own bodies, so that they can better execute the plan.


Being a beginner requires a lot of effort, so it's best to find an experienced mentor if you can (this person doesn't have to be a personal trainer).In this way, you can grasp more quickly and accurately the familiarity of the equipment and the attention points of the movement, which can make your growth speed faster.


For most of us, our normal diet is not up to par.We eat too much carbohydrate and fat and too little protein.Whether we're building muscle or losing fat, we're trying to increase our muscle mass, which requires us to eat more protein than usual and balance our fat and carbohydrate intake.At this point, we have to have a diet readjustment and planning.

But that doesn't mean you're going to go straight into "grass-eating" mode. Gradual changes will be better for your body, because our eating habits have been following us for quite some time.It is very painful at the beginning of the change, because some foods are not very delicious, which requires us to have strong willpower to control ourselves.In order to achieve your physical goals, you have to give up.

6.About sit-ups

Sit-ups not abdominal muscle strength movement, this concept has been Fried too fire, sit-ups in action at the start of the abdomen is a stimulus, the waist of the once you off the ground, sit-ups can become one with the axis of hip upper body rotation action, the action, abs is not involved in the work, is mainly responsible for work is iliopsoas muscle, so sit-ups is not purely a experienced abdominal muscle movements.The correct way to work your abs is to curl your stomach.

7.Squats have no effect on upper body strength development

A lot of people don't pay attention to their legs in the gym, partly because they are too painful, and partly because they are all about the big upper body.Ignore the lower body.However, the squat is the most testosterone-boosting of all the movements.What does testosterone do?One is to promote muscle synthesis throughout the body, and the second is to enhance sexual function.

8.20 minutes of aerobic exercise to lose fat

The mistake lies in one word: just.No one can provide energy system to be able to offer energy suddenly to you in certain level, in fact, as long as you are in activity, 3 big systems are offering energy to you, just scale is different, and 20 minutes this view, it is to point to after 20 minutes, adipose offer energy to compare the amplitude before to rise.That is to say, airframe from the state that has candy metabolism to be main offer energy system to turn to give priority to with adipose metabolism offer energy system state.

9.Losing weight does not mean losing fat

There is no such thing as weight loss in professional coaches' parlance. Although the word "weight loss" is popular with the general public, it is strictly defined by the technical terms "weight loss" and "fat loss".The former is weight loss in the general sense, and the latter is weight loss in the general expectation.So let's talk a little bit about weight loss first. You lost about 65 kilograms, and then you lost about 45 kilograms, and you lost about 20 kilograms, no matter how long it took.It could include muscle tissue you don't want to lose.So what is weight loss?You used to weigh 65KG. After a period of exercise, you found that your chest muscles came out, abs could be clearly seen, and your body shape was tight.You go to the scale and it's still 65KG, but it's a process of fat loss, it's a change in body composition, not a change in weight.Weight loss should always come first.Just the difference.

10.The back of the neck press is a movement that exercises the posterior bundle of the deltoid

Push-ups, as long as you're sitting, no matter how you change it, work the bundle of deltoids.It's just that the back of the neck press brings more back bands than the front of the neck, but it doesn't mean a back band workout.Also, as anyone who enjoys doing the back of the neck press will notice, the back of the neck press can be a big drag on the shoulder joint, because it's a contrarian activity against your normal body, and there's a risk of injury.If you need to do this during training, do it with a friend's protection.