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Train 3 things to double the muscle gain

Jan 30, 2019

Train 3 things to double the muscle gain

1, using two-way advanced

Strength increases can always lead to muscle growth

And two-way advanced is a very effective way to increase strength

Simply speaking, first increase the weight and then increase the number of times.

For example, your bench press weight has increased to 60 kg.

You can finish it 6 times, then you can practice it 8 times.

Increase the weight, then do it 8 times, repeat

2, increase capacity

An analysis of 2010 pointed out

Just increase the number of groups per action

The corresponding muscle will grow

There are many similar studies that also point out

Training capacity is the first factor affecting muscle growth rate

If you just started practicing soon

Make sure to practice 10-20 groups per part per week.

If it is lower than 10 groups, it may not achieve the best results.

More than 20 groups may affect recovery

With the growth of health

The number of training groups should also increase

You can practice each part twice a week.

Spread the average of these groups

Not to practice too much and kill yourself

3, don't be completely exhausted

Leave 1-2 times forever

Exhaustion is easy to affect the quality of training afterwards

Exhaustive actions are often less standard