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Anaerobic exercise benefits

May 11, 2018

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Question: Does female strength training leader muscle?


Answer: It will be much harder and more difficult than boys. Because the innate hormone secretion is not the same, the male androgens are greatly in excess of the female, and the male hormone is beneficial to muscle synthesis. The male hormone content in the female body is very low, so the synthetic muscle is far lower than the male.


Question: Since girls are not easy to grow muscles, why do we have to do strength training? Do we not only do aerobic energy loss?


Answer: 1 Increase your muscle mass will increase your basal metabolic rate.

The basal metabolic rate is simply the lowest energy you need to keep lying still but continue to stay alive. (BMR for short), the higher your basal metabolic rate, the more energy you use each day. Compared to people with a low basal metabolic rate, the same diet, lifestyle, and leanness are more important. fast.

But unfortunately as you get older, your basal metabolic rate will decrease each year, and you will become more and more fat, so increase muscles without delay!

Do not diet and lose weight, lose muscle.


2 Strength training can make your body more beautiful


Question: I listened to you very seriously and did strength training. Why didn't my weight fall or even increase?


Answer: Weight loss does not mean losing weight!


This problem, in fact, we all have ingrained ideas, weight loss is to watch the weight, it is difficult to change, so there are so many sisters in the violence clothes to buy, feel that after wearing the scale weight, yeah thin, but practical, violence sweat clothes only Just let you dehydrate, you drink some water and weight goes up again.



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