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Cycling Wear China

Sep 21, 2018
Sublimation Cycling Swear Kits

Cycling wear is a professional sportswear when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. The classification of cycling wears can be divided into a variety of ways, which can be classified according to the season, or according to fabrics, styles, or according to the production process.

Cycling wears have a narrow sense of "Cycling suits" And a broad sense of "Cycling suits". Generally speaking, "Cycling suits" Are bicycle riding suits, and do not include motorcycle riding suits; the suit is a "Riding suit" Or "Racing suit".

Motorcycle jerseys and bicycle jerseys have their own focus. The main purpose of motorcycle riding suits is windproof and protective; bicycle riding suits are mainly used for comfortable riding, focusing on quick-drying and high-elasticity. Insulation and perspiration performance; the requirements for protective performance are weaker than motorcycle riding suits.

The fabrics are also very different. The motorcycle riding suits are mainly made of fur and pu, and are equipped with sponge and silica gel as protective ingredients. The bicycle riding suit is made of polyester and lycra, which is light, quick-drying and high-elastic.