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How to choose the benefits of playing badminton badminton shoe insoles

Jan 07, 2016

Insole for badminton in action:
1, to prevent the foot in the shoe slide
Shoes shoes are flat, but your foot is not, so when you walk on foot is sliding in the shoe, we walk every step of the way to charge a little more effort, long walk easier to increase the variety of injuries. Stereo insoles can fill in the shape of the foot and shoe room space, reduce the sliding of the foot inside the shoe.
2, improve support, increase pace of stability
Add followed by a supporting Cup insole can be followed by reducing walking time to swing, thus reducing fatigue and reduce the chance of injury.
3, shock absorption
Shock-absorbing insoles, there are two, one is the use of hard Cup-shaped heel support, because humans followed by a hypertrophy of the muscle is a natural shock-absorbing function, coupled with a suitable hard plastic curved, and could play a good shock-absorbing function, applies to some lasting and stable pace of activity, such as fencing, step, hike, etc. And the other is to assist other soft material, such as gel and get enough cushion to absorb the impact energy, suitable for running, basketball, high jumping movements.
4, correction of walking and standing posture
Listening to up seems to is magic, but this is orthopaedic Insoles by can play of function, has many people for born and the other factors, in stands Shi spine and leg bone and cannot hundred points hundred vertical, or in walk Shi walking left right pendulum, long-term zhixia caused various bone skeletal and the joint of trauma, with orthopaedic insoles can corrected walk and the stands Shi of posture, to reduced trauma.