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How to cooperate with three meals a day

Jun 14, 2018

How to cooperate with three meals a day?



Eat well in the morning:

Eat enough food, don't be as greasy as the first meal of the day, dinner time is longest from the previous night, at this time the body glycogen has been exhausted, it should be promptly added to avoid the blood sugar condition is too low. Pay attention to nutritious and easily digested foods. It should include a staple food (bread tart and rice porridge) and at least two protein foods (eggs, milk, meat, soybeans and nuts) and at least one vegetable and fruit.




Eat at noon:

Do not eat too much, as much as possible

Lunch can choose rice or pasta (taro, noodles, cereals, cakes, cornmeal, etc.);

According to the principle of balanced nutrition, several kinds of meat, poultry, beans and their products, aquatic products and vegetables can be selected to ensure the intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber during lunch time





Eat less at night:

Dinner can be lighter and less greasy

Eat light for dinner, you can properly eat short muscle fibers, lean meat digestion eggs, eat less fat.

In addition, dinner should also ensure that the diversity of food, eat more vegetables and coarse grains, you can choose to contain rice-flour foods rich in dietary fiber foods, such as brown rice, whole wheat food. This helps to ingest more dietary fiber and increase gastrointestinal motility.