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How to warm up in winter running? When is the best time to run?

Dec 25, 2018

How to warm up in winter running? When is the best time to run?


Winter weather is cold, many people like to run, you can make your body warmer, but you should also pay attention to the selection period. So, when is the best time to run in winter?

When is the best time to run in winter?

The air quality is not very good in winter morning and it is not suitable for running. The air quality is good in the afternoon or evening, and at this time the physical fitness and flexibility of the person are at their best, suitable for high-intensity exercise. At this time, running is not easy to cause sports injuries. However, it should be noted that people with lumbar disc herniation have greater pressure on the lumbar vertebrae at night and are more likely to be damaged. It is recommended not to run at night, but also pay more attention to running.

What warm-up exercises do you do before winter running?

1, head movement

Stretching of the neck muscles, before the first two shots, before, after, to the left, right and right, the last two eight-head sections are left or right or left to right. 4 × 8 shots. The range is from small to large and fully active.

2, chest movement

The left foot is extended to the left, shoulder width, both hands are raised parallel to the ground, the arms are curved, and the two fingers are opposite. 1 - 2 beat the chest before the flat flexion, the palm down, 3 - 4 beat the two arms straight open, palm up, 5-6 beat the two arms through the body side lifted back, palm forward, 6 - 8 beats both arms to hang down and back, and the palms are backwards. 4 × 8 shots. Straighten your arms, pay attention to the direction of the palm of each beat, coordinate the movements, and apply force.

3, shoulder movement

The left foot is pulled to the left and is wide with the shoulder. The left and right fingers are naturally gathered and placed on the shoulders. The first 4 shots are rotated clockwise by 2 shots with the hand as the center, and the last 4 shots are reversed.


The importance of warming up before running in winter

1. Awaken the human body to participate in various parts of the exercise to improve the excitability of the neuromuscular system.

2, the activation effect after activation, so that the muscle contraction speed and contraction strength, is more conducive to running.

3. After warming up the body temperature, the elasticity and stretchability of the muscles and ligaments are increased, the probability of running injury is reduced, and the body energy supply speed is accelerated by raising the body temperature.

4, let the respiratory system keep up with running needs, and eliminate the physiological "pole" faster. Here, "pole" refers to the phenomenon of slow movement, muscle weakness, low spirit, and want to stop exercising shortly after the official running.

What to watch in winter running

1, small step run: reduce the strength of muscle in each step of the run, reduce consumption.

2, do not bow, look up, eyes look ahead, this will not cause damage to the cervical spine.

3, when running, hands naturally relax, fists do not hold too tight, you can also stretch your hands, palms inward.

4, feet should be light, "heavy feet" will increase the burden of bones; when the feet fall, the knee joint should be slightly curved.

5, under normal circumstances, it is advisable to take four steps and one breath, and try to keep this rhythm as always. In the breathing mode, it is better to mix with the nose, mouth and nose.

6. At the beginning of the long-distance running, because the oxygen supply lags behind the muscle activity, there will be leg swelling, chest tightness, and wheezing. Especially those who do not exercise often feel stronger, but this is normal. If you feel more uncomfortable, stop and walk a few hundred meters and take the way of running away.