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JNBY 2018SS sports series

Jun 29, 2018

JNBY 2018SS sports series

Things can produce all kinds of changes over time, people pursuit of fashion, as well as the change of time, we should not only the unique design, more want to keep the daily comfort.JNBY dress designed in material research and development and technology promotion focus more on "modern, dynamic, interest, open" coexist aesthetic feeling, and the Feminine (Feminine) + Leisure (Leisure) combines two concepts to shape Femleisure female image.The young, borderless fan group image construction contains the style of the main line of the brand, making JNBY younger and more international.Sports women's wear has been brewing since the spring and summer of 2017. This time, the designer put forward a new concept of "slow motion", which combines sports elements with feminine design.The whole theme emphasizes the sense of design while retaining the sense of movement and comfort.2018 sports line comes out elegant movement, pattern, pure movement series these 3 series.


Elegant sports is the most representative series. The designer combines feminine single products and sports single products to present a comfortable and feminine state.High-end pure silk fabrics are matched with plastic buckles with a strong sense of movement. This combination of feminine single goods and sports single goods presents a feminine and comfortable feeling at the same time.In addition, this series chooses the dress made of comfortable sports fabric to match the feminized high heels, what presents is elegant female feeling.The knitted half skirt of athletic feeling can combine modelling to feel strong knitwear already on collocation, also can be athletic windbreaker, wei yi, fashionable while retaining the comfortable feeling of athletic suit again.

In the design series, designers through the life of fruit, flowers to reflect the change of time.Fresh to decay, bloom to apoptosis, with the passage of time presented different states, this picture shows a sense of space-time dissociation.The designer imprints this process in the garment in the form of patterns. This new perspective is interesting and unique.Different patterns combined with offset printing technology in the basic version of the clothing, break the original basic model of the dull clothing more novel and more interesting.Also, the color clash between the designs and the clothes is more eye-catching and adds overall interest.

The designer USES all kinds of new fabrics to create a pure sports series, through the novel color matching and unique design, different from the previous sportswear.
On collocation, can match already complete set athletic wear, also can combine female change sheet to taste, present the state that this theme wants to have fashionable dress sense already comfortable.Professional sport series on materials is also very fastidious, this a series of selected from South Korea suede nylon/polyester cloth, composite silk weaving high-density, both the front and the suede process, thus fabrics feel soft waxy and bony, have qualitative light, not easy to wrinkle, easy to do, have sense of velvet burnish, natural, elegant.Japan's nylon blend fabric adds comfort, lightweight, transparent, breathable, and water-repellent surface (against light rain, with moisture impermeability in a short period of time).And environmental nylon and 78% from 22% made of lycra elastic knitting light all around, not only has soft and smooth handle, structure compact, breathable fabrics modulus coefficient is high, but to prop up the muscles, reduce ache, and can help fast physical fitness after sports.And has excellent elasticity, moisture absorption and quick dry, anti - pilling, wear - resistant, anti - UPF50+ function.Also choose special functional camouflage nylon knitting yarn, make the fabric have resistance to UV (ultraviolet), the function of the pervious to light, the shape of a cross section of the yarn, skin contact area is relatively smaller, thus making the fabric has the function of touch skin cold feeling encrypted knitting weaving process to let the fabric has a certain thickness and high resilience, plasticity with bony.