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Morning run VS night run The best running time turns out to be like this

Nov 29, 2018

Morning: Before running in the morning, the body has been consumed for one night, and there will be no more glycogen storage. At this time, long-term running begins, and more fat can be mobilized to energize the body, thereby achieving the effect of slimming and brushing. The effect is naturally more leveraged.

Evening: If the dieter runs long hours in the evening, the effect of weight loss can be achieved, but the effect of losing weight in the morning will be worse. Because the human body can provide energy to the dieter through supplemented food after a day of N food supplement, so that there is relatively little energy for mobilizing fat decomposition, so running weight loss at night will be worse than running in the morning.


Morning running can help us get rid of the bad habit of sleeping late, so that you have more time to arrange things in one day. Morning running will let you develop the habit of eating breakfast every day, which will make you healthier.

Evening: If you run at night, you will basically not change your original work habits, but it will change the lifestyle of the original night, such as turning from watching TV and playing cards to running.


Many articles will mention that the air is not good in the morning. Morning is indeed the period of time during which the highest concentration of carbon dioxide is in the day. why? Because the plant consumes oxygen through a night's breathing, it emits carbon dioxide. But the so-called "low" oxygen content in the morning is also relative. Otherwise, we have to have 2 to 3 hours in the morning on the earth human bed, so we have to die.

Evening: At night, the air is really not much better. In other words, the oxygen content can be high, and the concentration of carbon dioxide is lower than in the morning. Cars flying on city roads, freshly visible or invisible exhaust, are much more than in the morning.

Morning: The various activities of the human body are controlled by the biological clock. In the 24 hours a day, the highest and lowest physical strength of the human body has a certain regularity, and the physical exertion reaches the highest point, most of which is in the evening. According to some data, muscle speed, strength and endurance are in the relatively worst state from 3 to 5 in the morning. At this time, the movement is prone to fatigue, and the probability of sports injury increases.

Evening: When exercising in the evening, the sensitivity and adaptability of the human body's physical response reach the highest peak. The heart rate and blood pressure rise rate are the most stable. Exercise during this time period is very beneficial to health.

Of course, running as a sport, the most important thing is to be the best for you, and only then can you persist for a longer time and will be more loved.