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practice yoga, be more beauty

Jul 17, 2018

practice yoga, be more beauty

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When the girls decided to lose weight, most of the thoughts were "I want to be a little thinner", and then through persistent efforts, we achieved the effect of slimming. If in this process of slimming, adding sports ingredients is good, but many people have not done so, so often hear who and who fainted in the bathroom and so on. Our slimming plan is based on ensuring health. Without health, what is the use of a small body that is weak?

In addition to sports, any unhealthy slimming method is not advisable! I deeply agree with this sentence, because sports slimming is not easy to rebound first, and secondly, slimming will make us thinner places, so that the prominent and fullness becomes more material, especially in sports MM. obvious. Today, let’s share such yoga moves, and the fullness is more beautiful? Regular practice yoga 4, not only thin but also more material!

Standing stretch: standing, the right leg is a big step forward, the sole of the foot is facing straight ahead, the left foot is slightly buckled, the legs are kept standing, the right hand is extended to the right ear and the head is raised, the left hand is straight down, The palm presses against the back side of the left leg knee joint, while the upper body bends to the left side of the body, the chest cavity opens to keep the breathing smooth, the head turns to the upper right, the right side face and the nose are attached to the inside of the right arm, and the right hand grabs a wisdom hand. Then close your eyes, keep your concentration, and feel the stretch inside the legs. This cross-leg movement is very helpful for shaping. After sticking 10-15 breaths here, repeat the practice one more time.

Single-legged wheel type: First, enter in a standing position, inhale, and the arms naturally hang on the side of the body. Exhale, the body leans back, the spine is backwards one section, arms are back, until the palms are on the ground, and the fingertips point in the direction of the heel. Lift your left leg up and stretch as straight as possible. Hold for 10-30 seconds and repeat the action on the right leg. Inhale, the body slowly returns to the standing position.

Peak variant: First, stand in a mountain style, put your hands on both feet, and your feet back, try to make your body an isosceles triangle. Then the right leg is lifted straight up and the right arm is pressed against the side of the body so that the right leg and the back are in a straight line. With a smooth and deep breath, push the mat hard, you will feel that the body has an extension of strength, stick to practice, you will gain something.

Take-off variant: On the basis of the crane-type, the leg is subjected to a variant exercise, the legs are extended outward, the ankle is separated back and forth, the left hip is moved backwards, and the right hip is moved forward. The knees are bent and the right calf is hooked inward to the right arm. The take-off variant helps the arm gain more strength and the legs and back are stretched. It also strengthens body balance and coordination, reducing excess fat in the abdomen.