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Soccer Game Fact

Jun 16, 2018


Soccer Game Fact !




In addition to one referee on the court and two sideline referees, each side had 11 players.

Standing in front of the goal is the goalkeeper. The rest are forwards, centers, and defenders.

The so-called 334,442 and other formations refer to the number of forwards, midfielders, and defenders, such as 442, 4 defenders, 4 centers, and 2 forwards.

There is nothing else in the rules. A foul is an action that is too big and affects the safety of the players.

Then there is an offside. If the other player passes the ball, the passer is closer to his own goal than the last defender (excluding the goalkeeper). If the player has the intention of catching the ball, he is judged to be offside. If the player does not go to catch the ball, and another player who does not have an offside position goes up to catch the ball, the player will not be judged offside.


The forward is usually a forward who rushes in front of a team. The nearest defender is a defender from the goalkeeper.

The nearest to the TV screen is generally a winger or a fullback.

The most common way to get the ball is to play in the midfield, which is to connect the forward and guard.

It is a foul to play without kicking the other's foot. If the action is too big, it is a yellow card. Two yellow cards become a red card.

Can't touch the ball except the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper also has a limited range
In the moment of passing, one's own player cannot exceed the opponent's last defender. This is offside.

When the free throws the other side to leave the football 9.15 meters

A regular game can only be changed for 3 people

The ball goes out of bounds, goes up and down the two circles, throws into the court with his hands to continue the game, left and right two circles, penalty kicks in the left and right corners

The ball scored and the team scored reopened the ball in the middle circle

90 minutes in one game, 45 minutes in half, 15 minutes in the middle

The referee shall immediately suspend the game if any non-competition or animal rushes into the stadium