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Summer swimming tips

Jan 07, 2016

1, bogey don't prepare activities including swimming: water temperature is usually cooler than body temperature, therefore, must be done before launching preparations, or easily causes physical discomfort.
2, avoid swimming after a meal before dinner: swim on an empty stomach can affect appetite and digestive function, dizziness, fatigue and other accident in swimming; full swim will also affect the digestive function, also have stomach cramps, vomiting, abdominal pain.
3, avoid eating immediately after swimming: swimming should be a break after another meal, otherwise can suddenly increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, a long time likely to cause gastrointestinal disease.
4, avoid drinking swimming: swimming after drinking the body reserves of glucose consumed low blood sugar can occur. In addition, alcohol can inhibit normal physiological functions of the liver, impede the glucose transformation and reserves, and accidents.
5, avoid strenuous exercise after swimming: swimming immediately after strenuous exercise, will make the heart burden; the sharp drop in body temperature, resistance is weakening, caused by colds, sore throat, etc.
6, avoid menstruation period swimming: swimming during menstruation and bacteria into the uterus, fallopian tubes and cause infection, cause irregular menstruation, excessive and prolonged bleeding.
7, avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters: swimming in the natural waters, should not rush into the water. Where the waters around the complex are not suitable for swimming and underwater conditions, so as to avoid accidents.
8, avoid exposure to swim for a long time: prolonged exposure can produce sunburn, or cause acute Dermatitis, also known as sun burns. To prevent sunburn, landed the best umbrellas, or shady places to rest, or protected with a towel and put it on the skin, or put sunscreen on bare body.
9, avoid swimming for too long: the skin generally have three responses to cold stimuli. First phase: after entering the water, cold stimulation, skin vasoconstriction, skin color is pale. Phase II: stay in the water after a certain time, expand surface blood flow, transmitted by pale pink skin, skin from cold to warm. Third phase: stay too long, body heat than the hot, skin bumps and chills. The Xia You taboo and should be out in time. Swimming duration should not normally exceed 1.5 to 2 hours.
10, had a history of epilepsy bogey swimming: whether it's type or grand mal seizures, in the attack there was a moment when consciousness is out of control, if you suddenly in swimming-induced, it is inevitable "catastrophe."
11 swimming, avoid certain skin diseases: various types of ringworm, allergic skin disease, not only induced urticaria, contact dermatitis, and aggravate the condition.
12, avoid swimming in patients with hypertension: particularly intractable high blood pressure drugs difficult to control, swimming-induced potential risk of strokes, you should absolutely avoid.
13, avoid heart attack swim: such as congenital heart disease, severe coronary artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, patients with serious arrhythmia, swimming should be "at arm's length".
14, avoid swimming with otitis media: whether it is chronic or acute otitis media, due to water entering the inflammation of the middle ear, is "worse", make it worse, even make intracranial infections.