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The little sister of China had a perfect body shape in nice yoga pants

Jun 16, 2018

The little sister of China had a perfect body shape in nice yoga pants

170cm tall, the face of an angel

Peach hips, slender waist

Plus the perfect size of the d-cup

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A Chinese girl who started working out at the age of 16

She told everyone with her actions

In terms of figure, Chinese girls are not afraid at all

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Wawa was like the other girls

Think girl should want slender skin white

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Until one day, she saw it

Photos of Jen Selter, the queen of the buttocks, "holding up her pants"

Before wawa found out

Originally healthy sex appeal is the highest level of beauty

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"Once one has a sense of self

So you have your independent personality

So that you don't drift away and waste your time."

That's how the 16-year-old started her fitness journey

Under the guidance of the coach

Beginner exercisers are also making progress

At first, the tiles only exercise the hips

But this approach has lost her overall coordination

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Buttock push and various fancy/isolated movements

At one stage the sense of fundraising will fail

Because it's easy to reach your limits

This is when you should lift your overall strength."

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Keep doing one thing

Keep learning new moves

It's actually very difficult, you have to overcome the fear

But you know where the big picture is

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If you want to go to the other end of the mountain, go in the direction of the mountain

One day you will feel the passion of speed

Everything comes together bit by bit

It's no use worrying

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After adjusting shoulder and back training intensity

The shape of tile became more exquisite and compact

Now she can push up to 70 kilograms

It's 1.5 times its own weight

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The change in body shape is only the beginning

It's hidden behind the back

It's your willingness to change your whole life

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Self-discipline is freedom

From body shape to lifestyle change

Fitness isn't just about getting in shape

It changed her perception of life