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Yoga pants how to choose and buy

Jun 08, 2018

Yoga pants
Yoga movements are relatively soft, but a lot of action are tensile action, therefore, in practice, professional yoga pants.What is the professional yoga pants?
yoga pantsProfessional yoga pants style variety, there are five minutes long, there are 7 minutes long.If wear in summer, suitable for 7 minutes of long yoga wear pants, when practicing flexible stretch, don't have to worry about injuries, but also can protect the knee, wearing also is not too hot.If in the winter wear, general wear pants is good, because the weather is cold in winter, the cold easily into the feet, if long time practice, do not pay attention to, be cold, so very pants fit, can protect your feet.

Choose yoga pants, whether it is a part of, as long as the right size, would not affect the practice.When selected, the best test of trousers rope looseness of the head, in order to avoid in the process of practice, the waistband tighten the waist, prompted a trace, the waist skin damage.Pants, also is important to note that the best buy brand shop, so as not to buy the poor quality, wear broken soon.

Yoga pants how to choose and buy
Yoga pants a lot on the market, if you want to choose a suitable yoga pants, more thought.The yoga pants how to choose and buy?What are the main points of the yoga pants of choose and buy?And see it together.

See the design

yoga pantsLoose, comfortable, concise, easy yoga pants is more appropriate, in general, your pants don't act the role ofing is tasted, to avoid touching the skin, when practice cause scratches.

Look at the style

Yoga pants leg elastic to appropriate, if feel too tight not convenient practice, can buy a leg to open.If the winter, to avoid cold, had better choose cotton but not very thick cotton.

Look at the color

Try to choose the color with light, give a person a relaxed sense on the vision, because if the color is too bright, stimulate people's attention, can let a person into a state of excitement, for meditation practice, but yoga is need meditation practice, Suggestions, when the choose and buy, the priority of choose and buy is white.

See the style

Everyone likes the style of pants is different, when the choose and buy, can undertake choosing according to oneself be fond of.If like India's national style, can choose and buy of this type.If likes the modernism, optional tight elastic, can foil a body yoga pants.

Yoga pants what brand is good
Yoga pants, the choose and buy brand right is also very important, because different brands of pants quality is different, usually, big brand pants quality will be a little better.The yoga pants to choose what brand is good?Mom network recommend some brands for you (for reference only) :
yoga pants
1, he

Yoga supplies high-end brands.Yoga pants, fashionable, exquisite, dainty materials, worth of choose and buy.

2, meaning

Meaning of yoga products fashionable young people prefer, recently launched are more popular, if you are interested in, get to choose and buy.


Canada brand, is very high, but the price is expensive, suitable for yoga instructor of choose and buy, because in practice stretch freely.


Taiwan brand, quality is slightly a little bit time, the price is a little cheaper, the market ownership is high, the domestic many women wear this brand.

5, Calais card
yoga pants
The fabrics of cotton Calais card, because had lycra, clothing will be more flexible, the exercises you bigger would be more helpful to yoga, there would be no constriction.

6, far Yang

Old brand, good quality workmanship, fabric soft, moderate price, various styles.'s pu, high performance, reasonable price, fashionable.

How do yoga pants cleaning
Every time after practice yoga, out of a sweat, after change the clothes, should pay attention to clean, especially the pants.How do you wash the yoga pants?

Wash before finishing

Items before cleaning up good pants and trousers on the surface of sundry, such as purse, sand, etc.

To prevent deformation
Cleaning the yoga pants, if the quality is good, pay attention to when cleaning to prevent deformation, after washing had better use hand fushun with hangers to hang up, dry.

yoga pantsTo prevent each other to dye

To avoid dark clothes rub off, causing the yoga pants contaminated, when cleaning, had better not put together.If to wash in a washing machine, together with the bag.

Pay attention to the water temperature

Yoga pants also can't stand the heat, to avoid water damage to pants, should pay attention to the temperature of the washing water to control the water temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.

Pay attention to the strength of

Although yoga pants, durable, not easily broken, but not too vigorously during cleaning.If pants surface dirt, it is better to brush with detergent scrub.

Cleaner to choose

Remember to use with a mild detergent, and shall not use bleach.Strong acid strong alkaline can't, have an effect on the color of the yoga pants.

Drying method

yoga pantsAfter cleaning, hang to dry, but is important to note that drying time not too long, lest the trousers fade.In addition, still need to pay attention to is, don't hang dry in the sun too violent place.

How to maintain the yoga pants
Treat the yoga pants, like any other clothes, maintain good.How to maintain the yoga pants?Mother to share the hard move to you, I hope it can help you:

1, the maintenance of

Yoga pants often wear, often wash, waistband may loose, so, in order to avoid because of waistband loose to wear, should do well in maintenance.Suggestions don't too hard pull at ordinary times when cleaning, drying and avoid too open to hang up.

2, resolute don't iron

Ironing can make yoga pants only lose the original charm, especially the high quality of yoga pants, so, in order to avoid this situation, use less as far as possible pressing machines, ironing trousers.

3, less drying

yaga pantsMaybe a lot of people use the washing machine wash clothes immediately press drying drying, but is important to note that yoga pants is best not to dry, because the drying makes trousers texture to harden.

4, keep

Yoga pants are not often wear to, so, in order to avoid unnecessary damage, it is best to pants away, when to wear out again.If you don't wear a long time, suggest to use tape to seal preservation.