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Top 10 Hazards of Rapid Weight Loss

May 17, 2018






Top 10 Hazards of Rapid Weight Loss


1, skin relaxation, sagging breasts -

due to weight loss too fast, will lead to the skin's contraction rate can not keep up with the speed of fat and collagen consumption, decreased elasticity, wrinkles increase; excessive collagen consumption, leading to sagging breasts.


2, Rebound.

The faster you lose weight, the easier it is to rebound, and it is heavier than before losing weight. It is even harder to lose weight. The short-term fast weight loss is the loss of water, followed by muscle, adipose tissue, but long after the resumption of fat is mainly fat, resulting in more and more difficult to lose weight, body fat is also increasing.


3. Metabolic rate decline -

The truth of rapid weight loss is diet or low calorie, diet foods and other ways to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss, when lean to standard weight, return to normal diet, without paying attention to calorie intake will return to fat, diet and Low-calorie diets can lead to lower metabolic rates and it is even harder to lose weight.


4, weakened immunity -

low-calorie dieting diet will cause imbalance in nutrition, malnutrition, women will also cause anemia, but the decomposition of muscle protein, resulting in reduced resistance, easy to catch cold and back pain.


5, irregular menstruation -

 in the case of sudden weight loss, the most common cause is the chaos and irregular menstrual cycle, severe cases will be amenorrhea, which is mainly caused by anemia.


6, easy hair loss, skin deterioration -

fast weight loss Most of the lack of nutrients, resulting in abnormal metabolism of the body, the body's blood circulation will gradually slow down, severe hair loss, yellow hair, dry hair.


7, strict vegetarian -

hair loss. Diets lead to malnutrition and trace elements. People who lose weight eat only vegetables, fruits, and flour. Insufficient intake of protein and trace elements causes the hair to fall off due to severe malnutrition.


8, organ dysfunction -

long-term hunger led to lack of nutrients, water loss, protein decomposition caused by hepatitis, repeated weight loss and decreased metabolic rate led to decreased gastrointestinal function caused by indigestion or even gastrointestinal diseases, calcium loss leads to osteoporosis.


9, diet pills -

diet pills are still relying on diet + exercise, and many contain illegal additives, can cause heart attacks, epilepsy, stroke and other side effects, weight loss drugs is a very unsafe and harmful behavior.


10, excessive weight loss - memory loss -

the body's remaining fat can stimulate the brain and accelerate the brain's ability to process information. People who weigh more than 20%-35% are the smartest, while women who lose weight and lose weight have the biggest memory loss. Therefore, to protect your brain function, you should be cautious when you lose weight.