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What do you do after you run the marathon? Let your physical fitness not be lost?

Jul 05, 2018

What do you do after you run the marathon? Let your physical fitness not be "running away"?


The day after the game

1. Run away and go: Just after running, you must be physically and mentally exhausted. Don't sit down and walk slowly, let your body return to the quiet mode from the intense sports mode. Don't underestimate this short 5-10 minutes of slow walking, it will effectively restore your heart function, the body can slowly cool down, while walking for a while can also make the muscles slowly relax, avoid thigh congestion and lactic acid The muscles caused by the accumulation are sore.

2, active stretching recovery: After the body returns to calm, you can start to do some massage and stretching. After the horse race, the muscles of the whole body are in a state of tension. In order to prevent muscle soreness in the next few days, stretching and relaxation after running is particularly important. Static stretching is best after running. If you are still a newcomer, simply licking is better than squatting. Stretch relaxation can promote blood circulation and remove metabolic waste from the muscles. If you add massage, it is more perfect. Massage the muscles that are tired of running horses to promote muscle recovery as soon as possible, prevent muscle soreness, and even help you deal with myofascial inflammation caused by some horses.

3, nutrition can not be less: just 15-30 minutes after running, because the body's energy is in a state of large consumption, so the body is extremely sensitive to nutrients, the efficiency of absorption of nutrients is 50% stronger than usual. So this time is the best time to supplement nutrition. You can choose to drink some restorative drinks, high-energy digestible foods, chocolate milk, etc. to supplement. According to the test of high-level athletes in a 10 km running competition, the lost water can reach 7% of their own weight, not to mention the horse race, must drink water after running, pay attention to a small number of times, avoid a meal Slamming, increasing the burden on the stomach.

4, the correct water bath: the water bath after the horse race is also pay attention to, after the marathon home, it is recommended to take cold water to wash the legs in time, or you can bubble your feet in cold water or cold water for 5-10 minutes. Although studies have been repeated every few months to deny the effect of cold water baths, the British Sports Association has combined these years of research to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of cold water baths for athletes' recovery. Cold water acts to contract blood vessels and muscle tissue, preventing excessive blood build-up in the legs. Of course, if you have had muscle cramps during running, or if you really can't take a cold bath, don't force yourself.

One week after the game

1. Relaxation: No matter what your marathon scores are, whether you have achieved the desired goals, rest and relax for the next week. This horse race has consumed too much energy, energy and muscle recovery takes almost a week, and the metabolic waste generated by running also takes a while to clear. If there is a pain in your body, you should take more rest at this time to prevent the pain from getting worse. Many runners worry that they can't keep up with the previous rhythm after a week of rest. In fact, this kind of worry is superfluous. Studies have shown that during the first week after stopping training, the maximum oxygen uptake of the high-level runners only dropped by 1%-3%, and soon after returning to training, they returned to the original level.

2, cross-training is not boring: if you still feel like moving after the game, you can do some cross-training, such as swimming, cycling, boating, etc., exercise the muscles that mobilize less during running, and let the common muscles relax. Balance development to reduce the occurrence of damage. Cross-training also improves aerobic capacity and muscle strength, which is also a boost for running. In 2004, the Olympic marathon silver medalist Meb Kevleziji used this method to survive the injury period. At that time, he replaced part of the running training with bicycle training, increased aerobic capacity, and finally helped him get a silver medal. Results. Cross-training can also add fun, not psychologically tired of boring running training, and maintain a passion for horse racing.

3, nutrition is still important: one or two days after the game, running food supplement is also an important part of promoting the recovery of the body. At this time, when the body needs nutrition most, you can follow the needs of the body. If you want to eat, you should eat it. Don't overdo it. In addition, B vitamins can promote metabolism in the body, vitamin C promotes the removal of metabolic products, which requires eating more vegetables and fruits, soy products and dairy products can also eat more than usual.

One month after the game

1. Adjust your mindset and start running again: If you are not an experienced horse race enthusiast, you will be fatigued for a month or more after the game, and you will get tired of running. At this time, you need to adjust slowly to find the motivation to stick to it. Many people may even experience depression after the marathon. After the excitement, they lose interest and want to give up running. At this time, you can arrange a trip, and meet with friends outside the running circle to exchange ideas.

2. Step-by-step training program: After three to four weeks, the body can recover from the game and return to training. The next training program is a gradual process. You don't have to worry back to the peak of the game, you need to re-train the basics. Combining strength training, adjusting breathing and running posture may be better than before. When you resume regular training and accumulate 260 miles, you can prepare for the next marathon.