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What kind of three meals should the fat loss match?

Jul 28, 2018

What kind of three meals should the fat loss match?

What is a reasonable diet? It's very simple. Don't eat high-calorie foods that are not necessary, and reduce your calories without compromising your health. Dieting must not be based on the premise of harm to health.

I will talk about principles first, and then I will give examples of things, fitness things, in addition to physical exercise, more importantly, brain thinking.

The diet during fat loss should try to ensure the following principles:

Please ensure the intake of three staple foods.

High protein and low fat. Poultry and livestock such as chicken, duck, pork, and other poultry and livestock (except chicken breast), although they also have a certain amount of protein, but the same fat is very high, in order to supplement those proteins, it is not worthwhile to consume so much fat. Eat more fish. High protein and low fat.

Eat less carbohydrates such as rice and noodles, and eat more carbohydrates such as potatoes, corn, sorghum, and oatmeal. Unlike coarse grains such as rice and noodles, coarse grains are slow-digesting carbohydrates (low GI), so they do not release heat as quickly as fine grains, causing fat accumulation, which is beneficial for fat loss. But if you can't use coarse grains as a staple food, then you can eat rice and pasta normally. Don't eat rice because you are entangled. Be sure to ensure the intake of the staple food.

Deep-fried fried foods are eaten less, try to choose cooking foods.

Never eat snacks, drinks, biscuits, potato chips, and absolutely can't eat. The rice is 1.15kcal/g; the potato chips are nearly 6kcal/g. Two or two rice is 115 calories, while 100g potato chips (75g for a pack of big cakes) are 550 calories. The basic one pack of potato chips is the amount of 6 two rice. Some people who lose weight do not eat dinner, go to eat biscuits, Shaqima, bean cake, it is really the end!

If you have any conditions, please consider eating less and eating more. Add a small amount of dietary intake between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and spread the amount of Chinese food and dinner to the other two meals. The so-called meal does not need to eat too much, a cup of milk, an apple, a corn, are simple meals, its role is to improve your satiety and increase your basal metabolism, and reduce you Lunch and dinner intake.

Below I will list a simple diet plan for reducing fat. This plan is only for reference. For example, some people have less stomach acid, and beans and corn are not well metabolized. They should not be chosen. If you don't see the plan, you should learn more about your own system re-customization plan.

[Ordinary three meals specific plan]

Breakfast: 1~2 eggs + milk / soy milk + buns / oatmeal / dumplings / whole wheat bread / cucumber.
Lunch: coarse grains (beans / corn / cold-processed potatoes / oatmeal / oatmeal bread / wholemeal bread / cereal) + a small bowl of rice + some vegetables + fish.

A small bowl of rice + eggs / scrambled eggs with tomatoes / scrambled eggs with cucumber / scrambled eggs with chives + kung pao chicken / beef tenderloin / fried potato yam / fried yam / broccoli / potato roast beef / braised fish.

[Five meals / six meals specific plan]
The so-called meal does not need to eat too much, a cup of milk, an apple, a corn are simple meals. These things, whether they are office workers or students, can be carried with the package.
The meal is served between breakfast and lunch (around 10am), between lunch and dinner (around 3pm).

If you are too hungry at night, you can add a corn four hours before bedtime, or add another egg, or you can make your own oatmeal. Do not eat for three hours before going to bed.

In addition, I have said all of the above, please use the sport. It is basically in vain to rely on diet to reduce fat and the efficiency is too low.