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Women's Tennis Clothing​ Standard

Oct 27, 2018
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Women's tennis clothing standard?

General Standard: Every player who appears on the court must wear clean, tidy tennis clothes that meet the custom and requirements.

(1) In regular competitions, women should wear sleeves or sleeveless tops and short skirts or jumpsuits, except in special circumstances.

(2) Long-sleeved shirts, gymnastics suits, fashion, shirtless shirts, or other unacceptable clothing can not be worn during competitions or pre-match preparations.

2. Special Grand Slam regulations:

(1) Players must wear lawn tennis shoes when participating in Wimbledon or other grass tennis competitions. In addition to preparation activities, the color of tennis clothes and footwear must be white.

(2) At the French Open, the organizing committee has the right to determine what kind of shoes (sole) do not meet the requirements and prohibit players from wearing such shoes on the Roland Garros tennis court.

(3) In the doubles competition, the same team players should play in the same match costume.

3. Sponsorship trademarks: The commercial color in the Grand Slam competition is everywhere. It is reflected in the player's trademark on the clothing, and the dress is an integral part of the player's behavior, so let's take a look at the trademark. specification. Regardless of the press conference or other ceremonies held during the competition or at the event, the logos appear on the players' clothing, equipment and various items must comply with the following regulations: there can be one trademark on each cuff of the top, and the area cannot be More than 3 square inches (19.5 square centimeters); there are two logos on the chest, each of which cannot exceed 2 square inches (13 square centimeters). If there is only one logo, the size cannot exceed 3 square inches; the back and clothes There must be no trademark on the collar; there can be 2 trademarks on the trousers (or shorts), each of which cannot exceed 2 square inches, and if there is only one, it must not exceed 3 square inches; hats, hair bands, wristbands and each sock. They can all have a trademark but cannot have a logo, and their size cannot exceed 2 square inches.