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Belgium's Third Straight Win In A Row Will Be Against Japan

Jun 29, 2018

Belgium beat England 1-0 at kaliningrad stadium in the final round of group G of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.With a 3-0 record at the top of the group, England came second in the group and both teams advanced to the last 16. Belgium will face Japan in the quarter-finals, while England will face Colombia.In the 51st minute, jaruzai scored the only goal of the game.180629105236.png


Belgium advance to the top of the table: after defeating England, Belgium advanced to the top of the 16 with three wins in the group stage. Their opponents in the 1/8 final will be Japan.

England have escaped the dead zone: England have advanced to the last 16 of the group after losing to Belgium in second place and will play Colombia in the quarter-finals.

Tencent sports MVP award: former Manchester united star januszay was named the winner of Belgium's win with a brilliant shot into the net.