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Russias Top 8

Jul 02, 2018

The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow staged a focus war in the 1/8 final of the World Cup today. After 120 minutes of fierce fighting, Spain and Russia fought 1-1. In the cruel penalty shootout, Spain shot 3 of 3 shots and Russia shot 4 of 4 shots – as a result, the host Russia beat Spain 5-4, finished in the top 8 for the first time in 4 World Cup races, and created their own in the World Cup. The best results on.

First penalty shootout

Akin "Yasing possesses"

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin did not go to the scene to observe the battle, Prime Minister Medvedev took his wife to the scene to help out. Russia had participated in 3 World Cups in the past and all the group matches had no qualifying. This World Cup is the first time they have played the 1/8 final. Although it has created its own best record in the history of the World Cup, Russian fans expect the home team to go further.

Spain made a dreamy start in the 11th minute: Isco took the free kick and Russian defender Ignashevich threw Ramos on defense and the ball hit his heel and hurled it in their own door – this is the current World Cup The 10th Oolong ball that emerged was also the second Oolong in the current Russian group stage match. Russia has become the second team since Bulgaria to score more than one Oolong ball in the same World Cup after Bulgaria. 38-year-old Ignashevich 352 days also became the oldest Oolong ball maker in the history of the World Cup.

After the accidental loss of the ball, the host then took a high-level tactic, and Spain did not have many opportunities. Instead, the defense was tight. In the 38th minute, Russia made a pass from the right and Nacho almost made an oolong. In the 41st minute, Samedov opened the right corner, Juba headed the ball, the ball hit the Pique arm, the Dutch referee Kuipers sentenced the penalty and showed a yellow card, Jiuba took the penalty kick Hit - This is the 26th penalty in this World Cup. In the second half, Spain scored an absolute ball-handling advantage. Russia used up three substitution places to maintain overall defensive performance. In the end, the two sides 1-1 draw in 90 minutes, staged the first overtime of the World Cup.

According to the new rules of this World Cup, if the knockout stage enters overtime, then each team will have a fourth substitution place. Russia first used this new rule: Kuzyaev was replaced by Yelokhin from Zenit at the 97th minute. Spain’s Assencio was also replaced in the 104th minute. Overtime started in a heavy rain and Spain still could not find a way to break the barrels of iron. In the second half, Spain once complained that Russia had a pull foul in the penalty area, but the referee decided to ignore the penalty after watching VAR. In the end, the two sides maintained a score of 1 to 120 in 120 minutes, and the penalty shoot-out for the first time in the World Cup.

In the penalty shoot-out, Spain's Cork was saved in the third round by Akinfeev; in the fifth round, Spain's Aspas's penalty was used again by Akinfeev. Block out. Russia shot in four penalty kicks and eventually won a 4-3 victory in penalty shoot-out. Akinfeev was not only the winner of the penalty shootout, but also frequently saved opponent's dangerous ball during the game.