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German Official Announced That Loew Continues To Coach

Jul 04, 2018

German official announced that Loew continues to coach

In this year World Cup, the performance of the German team is very eye-popping, and the future of coach Luf has caused a lot of discussion. Now the German Football Association has ended the debate. They officially announced that Loew will continue to coach the German team.

In the World Cup in Brazil, Loew led Germany's excellent record, and they won the World Cup championship all the way. However, at the World Cup in Russia, Loew led the German record is extremely bad, the first group match, Germany lost 0-1 to Mexico, second battle 2-1 Sweden, the third battle 0-2 lost to South Korea. In the end, Germany scored 3 points in 3 games and the team went out.

After the World Cup, Loew became the object of many people's accusations. Barak and other famous people even believe that Germany should not be renewed until 2022 before the World Cup. Despite many doubts, the German Football Association still chose to believe in Loew, they announced on official Twitter that Loew will continue to serve as German head coach.

A few days ago, the German Football Association held an internal meeting, when all members of the meeting supported Loew to remain in office. In this context, the German Football Association publicly announced that it would remain Loff.