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The World Cup 4 Is Released

Jul 09, 2018

The World Cup 4 is released!

In the 64 games of the World Cup, 60 games have been played. France has played against Belgium in the Final Four, England played against Croatia on the 12th, and the two defeated teams played the third place on the 14th. The winning team won the game on the 15th. According to the latest odds. England's optimism is more than Belgium's, Croatia's evaluation of the bottom, and finally whether France and England compete for the second crown of their team history, in three days to reveal the answer.

In the past 20 championships of the World Cup, Brazil's five crowns still rank first, Germany and Italy rank second with four crowns. Uruguay and Argentina each have two crowns. France, England and Spain are all crowns. This year's third gold cup is determined. From the European team, the number of European championships also led South America by 12 to 9.

When France was the king of the World Cup in 1998, the 19-year-old forward Mbappe (three goals in this tournament) has not yet been born; this six-time promotion to the semi-finals of the European team, the team 23 There are 17 people in the list of immigrants. The parents of Mbape are from Cameroon and Algeria. The different ages have greatly changed the physique of the national team. It is worth looking forward to whether or not to regain the hegemony in the next year.

England won the championship with the landlord in 1966. It was the third time in the semi-finals this year. Belgium and Croatia are the second. There has not been a record in the past.