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Hohhot Microtop Sporting Goods Plaza Fire

Jan 07, 2016

New news (reporter Liao Zhijian) 19th, is located in the large CommissionHuhhot Xinhua Street sporting goods Plaza fire, thousands of square metersof business space the store was inundated with smoke.

At 10 o'clock on the day, reporters at the scene, fire the great Commissionsports Plaza, smoke is coming out of the Windows of two, three or four-storey buildings, many Windows with plenty of light. More than more than 10fire engines and more than more than 20 firefighters are being ordered tofire. Reporter interview has in fire building a floor do shopping guide of white ladies, she said: "8:20 A.M., we just to units soon, shop in of head are prepared named, on smell a unit clothes burning of taste, shortly thereafter on see has many people took with fire extinguisher to II floor of East run to, also was call fire phone, we only know is fire has, then we are run has out, occurred fire of is II floor, II floor business movement clothing, and outdoor supplies. "Reporter at the scene saw a parkedambulance, medical staff say, starting from the fire, and there were nocasualties. It is understood that the fire happened in the morning, the Mallhas no business or customers into the shop.

In outside onlookers of crowd among, has many is big Commission sports supplies square of merchant, one unwilling to revealed name of merchant on reporter said: "Qian days just into has more than 200,000 yuan of goods, not know this put fire have loss how many......" reporter in site no see big Commission sports supplies square related head, for fire reasons, yet has clear of claims.

Up to 17 o'clock, still some smoke.