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State Council On Printing And Distributing The National Fitness Program--a New Journey Sporting Health Information

Jan 07, 2016


Fitness for people's health and well-being, the comprehensive national strength and the important symbol of social civilization and progress, is an important content of the construction of socialist spiritual civilization,are an important part of building an overall well-off society. For thefurther development of the national fitness undertaking, extensive fitnessand speed up power construction process, this plan is enacted.

A, guideline

In-depth implement implementation science development views, insisted sports career public, gradually perfect meet conditions, and compared full, and cover urban and rural, and can continued of universal fitness public service system, guarantees citizens participate in sports fitness activities of lawful rights and interests of, promote universal fitness and competitive sports coordination development, expanded competitive sports masses based, rich people spirit culture life, formed health civilization of lifestyle, improve universal family fitness, and health level and life quality, promote people of full development, promote social harmony and civilization progressAnd efforts to lay a solid foundation for building a world power.

Second, the objectives and tasks

By 2015, Sports Fitness and awareness to further enhance urban and ruralresidents, significant increase in the number of people who participate inphysical activity, physical fitness improves form covering both urban and rural comparison a sound public service system of fitness.

(A) often take part in physical exercises to further increase in the number.Sports Fitness Fitness awareness and science literacy among urban and ruralresidents generally enhanced, sports became more basic way of life.Participate in physical exercise at least 3 times a week, each time not lessthan 30 minutes, intensity ratio of above average is above 32%, 3.8% higher than 2007; 16 years (excluding students) of urban dwellers reached 18%,rural residents reached 7%, respectively, compared to 2007 increased by 4.9and 2.9%. Students in the school for at least 1 hour of physical activityevery day. Increase the proportion of older persons, the number of persons with disabilities to participate in physical exercise.

(B) the physical quality of urban and rural residents improved further.Urban and rural residents reached the standards for national fitness testpercentage increase in the number of qualified above. Students generallymeet the basic requirements of the national standards for students 'physical health, which meet the standards of excellence more than the numberof 20%, improved endurance, strength, speed, physical quality.

(C) physical fitness facility has undergone great development. Nationalsports sites reach more than 1.2 million, area of more than 1.5 square metres per capita sports venues. Cities (prefectures) and counties(districts), street (Township), communities (villages) generally have builtsports venues, with sports facilities. 50% per cent of the cities(prefectures) and counties (districts) built the "fitness center". Over 50%Street (Township), communities (villages) there are convenient and practicalsports and fitness facilities. Condition of parks, green spaces, square hasbuilt sports facilities. Improve barrier-free conditions of public sportsfacilities, and various sports facilities open and the utilization rate hasgreatly improved. Formation of all kinds of sports facilities layout,complement each other, wide coverage, strong benefits of network patterns.

(D) national fitness activities enrich the content. Vigorously carry outtrack and field, swimming, table tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball,volleyball, tennis, athletic and strong, universal access to a wide range ofsports, widely organized exercise (dancing), traditional Wushu, qigong, Tai Chi Chuan (sword), cycling, hiking, skipping rope, shuttlecock, croquet and other popular and easy fitness activities.

(E) national fitness network sounder. Cities (prefectures), counties(districts) general building of sports associations, sports associations,sports associations, farmers, students and the elderly, the disabled, ethnic minorities and other sports associations. Community sports clubs, sportsclubs, women's fitness station (dot) has undergone great development. 80% above the city streets, 60% per cent of the rural towns and villages builtwith sports organizations. Urban communities are generally built with sportsstation (point), 50% per cent of the rural community has built a sportsstation (point). Formed all over the country, standard, dynamic network ofsocial sports organizations.

(F) the fitness guide and volunteer teams to further develop. Socialphysical education instructors technical certificate number reached more than 1 million people, of social sports instructors in the nationalvocational qualifications certificate numbers to more than 100,000 people.Social sports instructors in overall quality and service levels improvedsignificantly. Wide range outstanding athletes, coaches, school physical education teachers in compulsory fitness coaching, foster national keep-fitshaft, forming organizations to implement, reasonable structure, coveringboth urban and rural, service sports voluntary service team.

(VII) scientific health guidance services and constantly improve. Vigorouslypromote scientific training method, active in the fitness test, exercisecapacity assessment. Daily through a citizen physical fitness test, based onindividual fitness provides targeted scientific health guidance services,enhance the attractiveness of fitness, improve the quality and level offitness.

(VIII) development of national fitness service industry growth. Formingorderly sports marketing, Sports Fitness and willingness to spend increasedurban and rural residents, Sports Fitness service in China increasedconsiderably, and nurtured and formed a strong, strong technical force ofSports Fitness service companies and brands. Research and developmentpromotion for young people, older persons, persons with disabilities accessto family fitness fitness equipment.