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How To Lose Hip Fat 5 Points To Shake Your Hip Muscles

Jul 06, 2018

How to lose hip fat 5 coups to shake your hip muscles


The rounded buttocks are a symbol of good health and the most attractive part of a woman's body. The gluteal muscles are relatively large, and when you train this part, you can also achieve the effect of reducing fat. Hip strength is also an important component of human strength. If you have strong hip strength, you can help us strengthen our core strength.

Through the hip muscles from the exercise, you can reduce the excess fat on the buttocks, make your gluteal muscles stronger and firmer, not only can achieve the shaping effect but also enhance the overall beauty of the body.

We not only need to use the way of exercise to shape the buttocks, but also to achieve the purpose of thin buttocks through living habits. We can stand for 30 minutes after a meal, and during this time period, keep the abdomen and hips. Do not eat for 3 hours before going to bed, which is good for body metabolism. These two habits are the first thrust for your hip training. If you are eager to practice a firm buttock, you must actively train for a long time, along with good eating and living habits.

The first action: Kneeling left and right kicks
The first action: Kneeling left and right kicks

Do 20 times on each side and do 3 groups. One leg is kneeling on the bench or on the floor, the arm is used as a support, and the leg that needs to be kicked is slightly off the ground, and the back is kept in a straight state during the movement, and the back should not be bent. Note that when kicking backwards, the buttocks are on the premise, the buttocks are tightened, instead of relying on the legs to stretch backwards, the whole process is kept evenly breathing, and one side is finished before changing.

The second action: Romanian deadlift

It is carried out in an incremental group mode, with a small number of times and a small number of times.

10kg, 20 times; 15kg, 15 times; 20kg, 12 times; 25kg, 10 times; 30kg, 8 times; 35-40kg, 5 times.

The third action: the third action of the barbell weight-bearing buttocks: the barbell weight-bearing buttocks
Here, a 40kg barbell is used, and 10 times are made, and 3 groups are made (the specific weight of the barbell is selected according to itself). When reaching the peak contraction, pay attention to pause for 1-2 seconds.

The third action: kicking after the rope

Do 20 times each side and do 5 groups. This action can be practiced to the buttocks muscles, standing facing the machine, fixing the rope to one side of the foot, grasping the machine with both hands to stabilize the body, keeping the back straight, kicking backwards, feeling the gluteal muscles tightening, and then kicking the legs The height is parallel to the ground.

In order to improve efficiency, the buttocks are subconsciously clamped throughout the training process. It will be difficult to start doing this. However, after a period of exercise, you will get used to it. The process of exercise is always difficult, but the result of the harvest is gratifying. The above five actions are persevering, and the firming of the buttocks is no longer your desire, you can have it!