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Jakarta Asian Games Track And Field Competition Su Bingtian Broke The Record

Aug 27, 2018

The Jakarta Asian Games track and field event ended the men's 100-meter final competition, Chinese player Su Bingtian won the championship with 9 seconds 92! It broke the record of 9 seconds 93 Asian Games created by Qatar player Fermi Ognow in the last Asian Games! The Asian record of 9 seconds 91 left by Su Bingtian and Fermi Ogunod was only 0.01 seconds behind. Following the labor of the 2010 Asian Games, Chinese players won the men's 100m championship for the second time in the Asian Games. Fermi Ogunod’s younger brother, Tosin-Ogunod, won the runner-up in 10 seconds, and the Japanese player, Yamagata, was third in 10 seconds.